15 Jul, 2024

God knows Xu Shaogong’s skill, but he is not worried about saying, "Be careful, my good nephew", and then he is crazy about ghosts. "I’ll go out and see if you’re still in the hall and give you Xu brothers to prey on the array."

The ghost kept by Xu Shao’s side not far away to prevent Xu Shao from being exhausted, but to help him when he knew that this was not a tournament after all. Then Yin Tianzheng looked at Xu Shao again. "Hey, do you really want to come by yourself?" Xu Shaodao: "Aren’t you too?" Yin […]

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"Hum! Friends are not cruel. It’s a big deal. I don’t do this deal. Liu hasn’t been coerced yet. "Listen to the girl who wants to swear by herself. Liu Xima is furious."

"Don’t do it? Do you think it’s up to you now? " The girl sneered, "Don’t, I don’t know that you are a little fancy. You big family brothers don’t have a good thing!" "We can not? Aren’t Taoist friends afraid of the wind flashing their tongues? " Liu Xi seems to have heard a […]

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Eric Suen Yiu Wai’s mind is very simple, that is, he thinks that the bigger the incident today, the better, so he has no mercy.

The Kong Xuannian Buddha’s name suddenly rose behind the colorful glow and rolled up toward Eric Suen Yiu Wai. Eric Suen Yiu Wai cold drink quietly condensed the divine power of heaven on the blade and cut it down with one knife. The divine power of heaven is the most powerful divine power. This knife […]

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It was quiet during this period. Without Zong Qianqian’s life, it seemed that Qu Yong had come to Yu Shishi and returned. She didn’t drop out of school, but seemed to go back to play for two days. Steve, a foreigner, continued to teach Qu Yong how to stay here. He didn’t leave until he preached this semester.

Suddenly Qu Yong was in awe of this foreigner. He wanted to go, but he strictly adhered to his integrity as a teacher and did not want to leave his students halfway. Finally, it’s time for the exam. The night before the exam, Qu Yong stayed up all night in the dormitory. He was blindfolded […]

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The saints beat drums in their hearts to figure out what kind of punishment they would suffer. At this time, Taoist Hongjun came without any emotional sound. "The other saints’ sins are not small, and they must not be allowed to go back to the Dojo for thousands of years."

All the saints of "respecting the law" worship their orders. Glancing at the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower, which was slightly rotated in the middle, Hongjun waved and sent it to the front of the old man and said, "Linglong Tower is a self-defense object I gave to the old man. This time, it is still in […]

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Fortunately, there is no vision when a large piece of green light shines in the viewing mirror. It is said that all the monks in the foundation period of Zongmen have not violated the rules, and there is no Millennium panacea in the bag.

"Everyone is fine. Now take out the special restraining token and I’ll take it back together, and then you can leave." The method in hand changed. The monk in Yuan Ying’s mid-term stopped hanging over his head to observe the magical power of the spirit mirror, and then put away the spirit mirror and said […]

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Han Tianlei scratched his ears and didn’t play dumb with her. "What about you?" What, you don’t understand? Then I’ll say it again, Qiao Yuwei, if you don’t have a president’s father, you will become a phoenix in one step! You’d better understand that the president can’t threaten our Korean family!

Being an elder in the Han family for decades, can you shout? It’s no wonder that you are a father without a mother! You ….. You’re just a vulgar and vulgar girl who will never be able to stand on the table. It’s not like wearing a dragon robe! Who are you showing off here? […]

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