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It was quiet during this period. Without Zong Qianqian’s life, it seemed that Qu Yong had come to Yu Shishi and returned. She didn’t drop out of school, but seemed to go back to play for two days. Steve, a foreigner, continued to teach Qu Yong how to stay here. He didn’t leave until he preached this semester.

Suddenly Qu Yong was in awe of this foreigner. He wanted to go, but he strictly adhered to his integrity as a teacher and did not want to leave his students halfway.
Finally, it’s time for the exam. The night before the exam, Qu Yong stayed up all night in the dormitory. He was blindfolded and slept. Boss Cao drew all Qu Yong’s pictures in miniature in the photocopying shop, and then stuck them on the back of his clothes in triplicate. This was the first plan, and then he went to every toilet early the next morning to put one in it.
The third step is to seize the position of the window from the third row to the seventh row. According to Boss Cao’s argument, this position is actually much better than the last row, because the last row is actually a bad student in the eyes of the invigilator, but the goal is bigger.
In a blink of an eye, it was the first exam-biochemistry, a so-called life-and-death battle, but Qu Yong answered quickly. After he handed in his first paper, he went out and sent a copy to each of them on his second mobile phone, and then he waited in the corridor.
Half an hour later, Bumblebee was the first to come out. Qu Yong waved to him and said, "Did you finish the exam?"
The bumblebee cried, "Shit!"
"Why didn’t you copy it?"
Bumblebee lifted the bottom of her coat and whined, "I didn’t copy anything except what you sent me."
Qu Yong wondered, "Impossible. I guess those questions were all tested later. Impossible."
"You guessed," Fat also came out with a sad face. "But the invigilator has been watching me and Bumblebee today, and he has been staring at my test paper to see if I can’t get my note out!"
QuYong language way "how did this happen? Isn’t that a dead end? How about boss Cao? Why hasn’t he come out yet? "
"I’m afraid boss Cao is also run."
Just as he was talking, Boss Cao came out. He looked happy and laughed. "I finally finished the exam."
"Boss, are you all right?"
"Did you copy it?"
Cao boss pointed to his nose. "Nonsense? Don’t look at who I am? "
Bumblebee disbelieved. "How did you copy it? I see that old aunt has been staring at you, too? "
Boss Cao said mysteriously, "Hey, hey, you want to know?"
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Startup four tips
"Come on, come on!"
"Idiot!" Boss Cao smiled mysteriously. "I went to copy those key points at the table early in the morning."
"Copy it on the table?" Bumblebee asked, "Isn’t this a big goal?"
Boss Cao disdained, "Hey, hey, anyway, no one knows who wrote these things at these tables. Are you afraid of anything?" Even if he is caught, what can he do with me? Don’t forget that I took money to kill him, didn’t I? These people just want money. What failed the make-up exam, right? Be bold and not afraid. "
Although boss Cao said this ugly, everyone shrugged their shoulders and went back to prepare for the second exam
When Qu Yong was about to go to the library after dinner, Shen Juntian just found him at the gate of the canteen.
"Grandma Shen, have you eaten?"
"Not yet" Shen Juntian seems to look a little haggard today. She is somewhat absent-minded. "Did you eat Ayong? I want to invite you to dinner. "
"I ate it," said Qu Yongxin. "Grandma Shen, you don’t seem to be in good spirits?"
"Nothing," said Shen Juntian, stroking his chest faintly. "I have seen that video in your school forum. I used to know that you can do acupuncture and kung fu. I didn’t expect that your kung fu skills were not simple."
QuYong a finger on a surprised four at first take a step back.
"Why? Afraid I’ll see your secret? " Shen Juntian saw his instant reaction and immediately put a finger on his bones, tightened his teeth and bit his tongue against his palate. It was like a wild cat with its tail stepped on.
Family boxing has three sections, four tips and five elements.
In short, it is the combination of Xingyiquan Liuhe and Chinese and foreign three-in-one hand, foot, elbow, knee, shoulder and hip.
Jin Mu, the five elements, fire, water and soil also belong to the five elements except the five internal organs.
The four tips are nails, teeth, tongue, blood, nails, tendons, teeth, bones, tongue and flesh. The four tips should be neat and covered, and the tongue and palate should be filled with body fluid to circulate blood. If the teeth are to be buckled, the gas will penetrate the bone marrow; If the fingers and toes should be buckled, the gas should be injected into the tendons; Pores matter. If you practice hard for a long time, your whole body will be heavy and strong, and your four tips will be covered, and your strength will come out.
"I" Qu Yong is actually a little sensitive. Recently, Zong Qianqian and four girls have happened in succession. He told others that his martial arts route was difficult and a little radical. He smiled awkwardly and said "nothing"
Shen Juntian noncommittally said, "Since you have eaten, let’s talk."
"Well," Qu Yong accompanied her around the campus and said, "Grandma Shen?"
Shen Juntian seems to be thinking about his own wording for a long time before he finds the topic, "Ayong, you are good at martial arts. It’s not easy for you to do this just now."
Qu Yong doesn’t know how to answer yes.
"Sit down," Shen Juntian found a cloister bench and said, "I’m sorry I shouldn’t ask you about kung fu, but what did the Nine Masters teach you?"
"Ah?" Qu Yong thought she might see that she was a true metaphor, but I didn’t expect her to associate with Jiuye. However, Jiuye’s first teacher in that year was the "Iron Foot Buddha" master Shang Yunxiang himself. The video shooting on New Year’s Day was very vague, and it was normal for Shen Juntian to guess so.
Shen Juntian was surprised by what he said just now. Lenovo’s words have formed her own answer at the bottom of my heart. "It turned out that he wanted to accept this child as his apprentice, but for God’s long eyes, he was afraid that I had been cheated by him."
Qu Yong quickly passed an idea in his mind, "It’s better to let Jiu Ye be my nominal master so that I can keep the secret of the Taoist priest", but he soon denied it himself because his kung fu is a true saying. Since Zong Liqian can see through the contact for a long time, Shen Juntian, the leader of the Guangdong Brotherhood, can’t see through this lie, which is too easy to puncture.
He decided to tell Sisi what he said. "Master Jiu is my ninth grandfather. He never tells fortune and can’t do martial arts. I learned martial arts from an old man who traveled around. He taught me for two months and left."
"Really?" Shen Juntian didn’t expect to guess wrong. She asked, "Didn’t Nine Masters teach you? Is it a tutor for the elderly who travel in the clouds? " Most of China’s hermits have this kind of thing.
"No," Qu Yong shook his head. "What happened to Grandma Shen?"
Shen Juntian suddenly got up and paced around as if he were determined. Suddenly he turned around and looked like a knife and shouted, "Ayong, let me ask you, have you ever worshipped that old teacher?"
QuYong heart "hitched" seems to be really nine ye said Shen Juntian want to find a person should be took a fancy to himself "no he said I xingyi quan is not my teacher".
"Oh," murmured Shen Juntian, gawking at the sky, "Is this an act of God?"
"Oh," Shen Juntian returned to Shinto. "Nine lords want to deceive the world and let an old woman miss you, but fate has arranged for us to meet."
QuYong puzzled, "Grandma Shen, I don’t know what you mean."
Shen Juntian knew it was a long story. She had to start from the beginning. She sat down again and took Qu Yong by the hand. "Do you know who an old woman is, son?"
QuYong was silent for a while, saying, "A few days ago, I heard from Master Jiu that you are the leader of the Guangdong Brotherhood."
"He told you everything?"
"He said that you are a mafia middleman and asked me not to get into trouble too much." Qu Yong said that seven points are true and three points are false. During this time, he learned a lot about how many people live in the four girls’ body. In Jiuye and Shen Juntian, he believed that Jiuye, after all, was a relative, and everyone broke his bones and was still attached to tendons. Rural people pay attention to this.
"Well," Shen Juntian is a sophisticated operatives, but she found out that this young man has a good sex in a thorough investigation of Qu Yong these days. Besides, his speech is full of loopholes, which is in line with Jiu Ye’s temper. There is no doubt that he continued, "First, you are very close to Jingtai Four Girls, and then you are very rich with Zonglixun’s daughter. If you touch the dark, I’m afraid you can’t get old."
QuYong nao nao head way "I ah"
Mr. Shen Tianmen saw the mountain road. "Let’s just say that ten years ago, an old woman came to Quzhou to see a baby. She was very satisfied and wanted to be in her own clothes, but at that time she was blocked by your ninth grandfather. Let an old woman come back ten years later. Now, when she met him at Christmas, he said that the child had died."
"But where did he know that an old woman had accidentally found the baby long before seeing him? That’s exactly what people do! Ayong, do you know who this baby is? "
Qu Yong can guess that he sank, "It’s me?"
"It’s you," Shen Juntian’s eyebrows fluttered and he said, "The old man is the only one in Wudang Longmen who has been looking for a servant for years, but today’s providence makes you and I meet again."
Qu Yong saw that she said that it seems that she really wants to accept her own thoughts. He got up and said, "Grandma Shen is me."