15 Jun, 2024

"As you wish-!"

The light statue of God chuckled and waved a light with one hand. Ba Du’s body suddenly burst into flames and was reduced to ashes in an instant. At that moment, Ba Du, the witch god, completely disappeared from this world. A sinful life is over. Ironically, as Long Yu expected, he died at the […]

6 mins read

Yu Long laughed. "It’s called double insurance, Phelps. It’s really good for me. I just want you to get along with us. We’re good for you. Don’t you want to really beat Hall and get back everything that belongs to you?"

"Big Brother!" Phelps was depressed. "In fact, if you don’t do this, I will get along with you. You have almost sealed off all my retreat. What do you think I can do except get along with you? I have no way out. " "You can think like this!" Yu Long said. "Xiaoyu, you don’t […]

8 mins read

God knows Xu Shaogong’s skill, but he is not worried about saying, "Be careful, my good nephew", and then he is crazy about ghosts. "I’ll go out and see if you’re still in the hall and give you Xu brothers to prey on the array."

The ghost kept by Xu Shao’s side not far away to prevent Xu Shao from being exhausted, but to help him when he knew that this was not a tournament after all. Then Yin Tianzheng looked at Xu Shao again. "Hey, do you really want to come by yourself?" Xu Shaodao: "Aren’t you too?" Yin […]

10 mins read

It was quiet during this period. Without Zong Qianqian’s life, it seemed that Qu Yong had come to Yu Shishi and returned. She didn’t drop out of school, but seemed to go back to play for two days. Steve, a foreigner, continued to teach Qu Yong how to stay here. He didn’t leave until he preached this semester.

Suddenly Qu Yong was in awe of this foreigner. He wanted to go, but he strictly adhered to his integrity as a teacher and did not want to leave his students halfway. Finally, it’s time for the exam. The night before the exam, Qu Yong stayed up all night in the dormitory. He was blindfolded […]

12 mins read