15 Jun, 2024

Although the exchange price of the temple of knowledge has been adjusted by mechanical calculation, the exchange price of knowledge is almost the first tenth, but it is difficult to find the need because of the chaotic classification and irregular placement

After this period of operation, Wang Gang also found that the knowledge classification in the knowledge hall is also very problematic There is no need to divide Tugen into so many grades. Two grades are enough for the knowledge hall. General secrecy! Ordinary citizens can access the map in reality, and the security grade map […]

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"Hum! Friends are not cruel. It’s a big deal. I don’t do this deal. Liu hasn’t been coerced yet. "Listen to the girl who wants to swear by herself. Liu Xima is furious."

"Don’t do it? Do you think it’s up to you now? " The girl sneered, "Don’t, I don’t know that you are a little fancy. You big family brothers don’t have a good thing!" "We can not? Aren’t Taoist friends afraid of the wind flashing their tongues? " Liu Xi seems to have heard a […]

9 mins read