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The saints beat drums in their hearts to figure out what kind of punishment they would suffer. At this time, Taoist Hongjun came without any emotional sound. "The other saints’ sins are not small, and they must not be allowed to go back to the Dojo for thousands of years."

All the saints of "respecting the law" worship their orders.
Glancing at the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower, which was slightly rotated in the middle, Hongjun waved and sent it to the front of the old man and said, "Linglong Tower is a self-defense object I gave to the old man. This time, it is still in charge of the old man. There is no need to argue."
Boss Xi took the thank-you note with both hands, but the others heard the word "this time" and wondered whether there would be twists and turns in the future.
Road flyover Hongjun simply went back, and the saints also left and went back to the Dojo, where Yu Hongyun and Zhenyuan were.
Hongyun said to Zhenyuan, "Congratulations to your second brother, Youdao Zu, and you will rob anyone who is in the same fairy disaster here-Shitongjun."
Zhenyuan smiled with a red face and said, "I will ask my brother to come to my ginseng fruit party when I am going to the celestial spirit pulse." With that, I turned to the ground and went to the big sleeve fluttering.
Hongyun recognized the teasing taste, remembered the past and shook her head with a wry smile.
Since then, the vast land has been divided into two realms of immortals, and the whole universe has been called the three realms for six years, and the cracks have become the cracks in the three realms. There is aura and living things are empty
I have been on the land in Penglai Island for 6 years, and I am familiar with the surrounding environment. I feel different on weekdays. I slightly lift my head and close my eyes. I feel the salty sea breeze blowing, listening to the sound of the waves hitting the rocks and occasionally seabirds chirping. Everything is so different.
Walking towards the Sun Palace, you can feel its different charm whether you look at the rockery rubble or the trees and grass along the forest path. You smiled and shook your head for 6 long, so it seems that it is not a bad thing to temporarily lose your magical power. However, after 6 long steps, you still look like a teenager’s face, and your eyes are not as smart as before, becoming calm and deep, revealing a little vicissitudes of life.
A bird with a red beak and red claws flew over the head with a laughing stone for six years. After seeing it for six years, it threw the small stone around and flew to him for six years. It smiled and held out its right hand to let her stop and lift it to the front and said, "Are you okay, Xiao Jingwei?"
Jingwei flapping his wings flew, and his little head rubbed against his cheek for six years, then fell on his shoulder and jumped for joy.
6 Long-term laughter stretched out a little finger and Jingwei little head smiled and said, "Okay, okay, did the little guy steal my fruit?" And did you take those flowers and plants I raised, especially those asparagus plants, and throw them into the sea? "
Jingwei suddenly dropped his tiny head in silence for 6 long hours, touching her back and comforting, "Don’t blame you after the little guy."
In this way, while teasing the little Jingwei, he slowly walked to the Sun Palace, leaving a long and delicate footprint. The sun and the west sank to the ground and pulled out a figure of one person and one bird, lining the surrounding fairy wonderland, which was particularly harmonious.
Chapter sixty-three Nine chicken return
Since the sages of the heavens remained hidden from the world, most terrans moved into the human world. Xuanyuan Huangdi abdicated and retreated to Huoyun Cave 33 days ago, and his grandson Zhuan Xu took charge of Zhuan Xu’s accession to the throne. After that, he made drastic political reforms and carried out large-scale religious reforms for the Jiuli tribe who was recruited by Xuanyuan Huangdi.
The witch tribe lost its spiritual leader Chiyou and other wizards, and the whole tribe fell into deep sorrow, which was the strong and straight blood of Pangu. The bear tribe still insisted on its beliefs and paid homage to the ancestor Pangu and the twelve witches.
At present, Taoist priests in Ren Huang suggest that Zhuan Xu forbid the Jiuli clan to worship the twelve ancestors, obey the education of the Bear Tribe, and instead serve as the leader of the two religions and Xuanyuan Shenghuang as the ancestor of Xuanyuan Shenghuang.
Time flies, and it has been the twentieth year since the demarcation between Hong and Jun. In the first twenty years, the tenacious Jiuli people did not have a minister, but they were still fighting unyieldingly with Xiong Gao.
"pa ~! ! !” Zhuan Xu will hand cup stung to the ground roared "twenty years ~! It’s been twenty years ~! ! ! These barbarians don’t want to convert to religious orthodoxy and visit those evil gods. It’s outrageous! Not savage! "
Jiuli tribe
The Tiki people are conducting an annual sacrifice ceremony led by the current clan leader Ghost Flame. When they are worshipping the sky, they suddenly look up and look at the face of a bird. The monster hovers over the head. The image is ferocious and horrible. Ghost Flame knocks on the ground with joy and says, "Visit Jiufeng’s adult."
The monster fell into a charming and beautiful woman with noble temperament, and the contrast between the front and the back was staggering. Nine phoenixes looked at the ghost flame and wondered, "Why are you small? What about Chiyou and Fengbo? "
Ghost flame excited face suddenly sank dim and said, "King Human-God and Fengbo Rain Master are both … returning to the arms of Pangu God in the first world war."
"What did you say? !” Nine chicken before a few steps to seize the ghost flame collar will he get up high HeWen.
Two lines of men’s tears flowed in the ghost flame’s heart and sobbed, "In the battle for the deer, Penglai Island, a child of Xiong Xuanyuan, and, who supported me in teaching, lost to the king and two adults. After the on-the-spot war, my Jiuli people became more and more miserable and connected to some temples of the ancestors of the witchcraft … and they were all destroyed, leaving only one of them."
"It’s cruel to deceive others ~!" Jiufeng flew into a rage. The ancestral temple of the Wu people is a sacred place in their hearts. The destruction of the ancestral temple is a great shame! Suddenly, one leng put the ghost flame in his hand and asked, "Where’s Brother Ghost Flame? How’s Brother Xingtian? "
Ghost flame face now puzzled look replied, "I have heard the king from Xingtian’s adult Emperor Heaven of Science meet to help the witch clan. It is said that after the war, Xingtian’s adult had asked Heaven of Science for help from Emperor Heaven of Science in Xuanyuan children, and he seriously injured Heaven of Science in Lingxiao Hall …"
"But what?" Nine chicken quickly asked
"But it is reported that Xingtian’s adult was once beheaded by Liu Yang’s chief eye and grabbed the king’s level boundary, but then he disappeared." Ghost flame poured everything he knew into the bamboo tube.
Nine chicken arch eyebrows locked slightly bowed their heads and meditated. The ghost flame did not dare to disturb one side and stood still quietly. After watching nine chicken for a long time, nine chicken just said, "This matter may be great. In those days, my eldest brother Xingtian was friendly. I heard that Xingtian was born with special blood and was called the God of War."
Ghost flame exultation said, "that’s great! Nine chicken’s adult is back, and Xingtian’s adult is alive, and my witch family is expected to revive. "
Nine chicken smell speech face sneer at cold and said, "that’s natural. How can I Pangu survivors be bullied by this? From now on, if someone comes to be presumptuous and hum …"
"By the way," asked Jiufeng, suddenly remembering something, "I noticed a strong momentum when I was in the universe star, and the universe was also broken into two halves. One of them was not separated by aura. Do you know what’s going on? I almost couldn’t find my way back this time and got lost in it. "
The ghost flame looked scared and murmured with confused eyes. "I saw a huge demon emperor sword cut the vast land in half that day. It seems that the demon emperor saint made a move."
"Six long? …" Jiufeng remembered seeing the young boy in Tsing Yi from a distance. "No wonder you ancestors were so concerned about this person that you had to fight the lich …" Then came back and said, "Let’s prepare for the whole army! On the day of September, there will be all bear forces in Jiuli! "
Ghost flame exultation should be hurriedly to prepare.
Boom ~ ~! Zhuan Xu’s heavy slapping in several cases will shatter into a pile of pieces with great strength. It’s really uncivilized for Jiuli to come back. If you add Xingtian, will it be great? Suddenly, my heart moved and I asked the road flyover burning lamps, "Teacher, can we wipe out Jiuli immediately?"
Burn the lamp, frown and sigh. If Zhuan Xu’s theory of art is not at all inferior to his grandfather Xuanyuan Huangdi’s, it’s far from this calm aspect. Suddenly, I heard Zhuan Xu urge me to wake up and replied, "Be calm. At this time, Terran is initially determined not to send troops, otherwise it will inevitably lead to panic among other tribes. If they rise up and attack, the situation will be bad."
Zhuan Xu was a little impatient, not a lack of wisdom. People nodded and agreed to ask, "What should the teacher think?"
The burning lamp lifted the teacup and spat out two strokes with a sip.
Chapter sixty-four Burning lamp
"Zhaofu?" as if lost in thought—look pensive
"Exactly," said the burning lamp with a slight smile. "It’s necessary to stabilize Jiuli for decades. By then, the terran trend has been set, and people will dare to disobey what you said. Isn’t it because we are kneading the little witch remnants?"
Zhuan Xu clapped his hands and laughed with admiration.
Jiuli tribe
The powerful attack of the Great Witch and Nine Phoenix made Jiuli temporarily break away from the bear ruling clan, and re-established the confidence of rising. In the hearts of the clansmen, the Great Witch and Nine Phoenix also set up great hopes. For the people of Jiuli who are tough and brave, strong leaders are more likely to gain their recognition, just like Chiyou in the past.
Standing on the top of the mountain, silently watching the sunset, Jiufeng was in a trance. At this time, her heart was full of doubts. Why didn’t the bear fight back? Insufficient strength? Shook his head and denied the idea. What was it? Is there any conspiracy?
A feeling of fatigue strikes. At this moment, Jiufeng is eager to get a wise man like Fengbo to help … There is no such talent in the Wu clan after Fengbo, Di Jiang. Is it true that our Wu clan is like it? Jiufeng looks into the sunset for a long time.
A red figure from the mountain flew by in the blink of an eye, and it was the ghost flame of the current patriarch who said hastily, "Nine chicken adults have bears and sent envoys with a letter from Zhuan Xu."
"Oh?" Jiufeng frowned and asked the ghost flame, "What do you think?"