15 Jun, 2024

Especially now, entering the depths of the demon ridge, the Godsworn base is killing all the way in. The magic weapon and the stone is the monster beast Dan, which is also valuable.

"Don’t worry, Friar Wu and I are afraid to get close!" Xia Qi looked calm and let Gu Yue feel at ease slightly. The breakthrough opportunity is fleeting, and she doesn’t want to give up. At the moment, she is hesitant. "Xia Qi’s right. With the strength of the two of us, I want to […]

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Originally, the three children were from short to high. When Han Xilang walked over, he was naturally the tallest. He squatted up and couldn’t help but say, "Four squares … are full!"

"Ha ha …" Hang Ningdai laughed and stretched out her hand to cover her face, but she couldn’t hide her smile. "Haha …" How long has it been since she laughed so hard? Han Xilang see her smile mood also follow better "satisfied? The signal is full … "For more exciting novels, please go to […]

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Dust is proficient in destiny, and it can be seen that this Qinglong seems to have some connection with the East Pole.

Plus the tsing lung perfect cyan proficient in wood road faint dust seems to perceive something. Yuan Heng looked at Qinglong thoughtfully, and suddenly his heart seemed to grasp something and feel a kind of chance. Qinglong Qinglong … East wood road East Pole … Dongji and Qinglong … Lian? "So that’s it!" Yuan heng […]

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Shuttle-hopping in Zhao’s compound, everyone’s face is full of heartfelt smiles, and there is no lack of heart because of busyness.

Zhao Fu is also not thin for these people. Zhao Long personally ordered that "the second young master has a full moon, and everyone in the office, whether it is a handyman or a manager, has a number of red envelopes." Zhao Long, a city owner, won’t be stingy to personally enjoy red envelopes. Everyone […]

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Fortunately, there is no vision when a large piece of green light shines in the viewing mirror. It is said that all the monks in the foundation period of Zongmen have not violated the rules, and there is no Millennium panacea in the bag.

"Everyone is fine. Now take out the special restraining token and I’ll take it back together, and then you can leave." The method in hand changed. The monk in Yuan Ying’s mid-term stopped hanging over his head to observe the magical power of the spirit mirror, and then put away the spirit mirror and said […]

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