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"Hum! Friends are not cruel. It’s a big deal. I don’t do this deal. Liu hasn’t been coerced yet. "Listen to the girl who wants to swear by herself. Liu Xima is furious."

"Don’t do it? Do you think it’s up to you now? " The girl sneered, "Don’t, I don’t know that you are a little fancy. You big family brothers don’t have a good thing!"
"We can not? Aren’t Taoist friends afraid of the wind flashing their tongues? " Liu Xi seems to have heard a big joke, and his face is full of irony. Since he dares to say such crazy things, you should know that Liang Yi and Liu Xi are both nine-story peak repairers in the air-entraining period, and their fighting power may not be as good as that of the girl in front of them, but it’s hard to say if they join hands. What’s more, it is forbidden for monks to start work in this area unless the girl kills two people instantly, otherwise it is a seasoned road to start work here.
"Really?" The girl sneered at a palm and suddenly flashed a khaki flag just the same as before. When she shook it twice, she saw that the tent suddenly appeared with a light khaki halo, which enveloped three people like a cauldron.
"trapped?" Liu Xi looked unbelievable.
"Yes, it’s trapped." The girl smiled proudly.
"What means? Taoist friends take it out! " Has been sitting quietly watching the girl perform Liang Yi suddenly put the fragrant teas in her hands.
"My daughter means friends or don’t look good." The girl gave Liang Yi a kind smile and waved him to be calm.
Liang Yi smiled and said, "Daoyou really wants to make a deal with him, right?"
The girl nodded. "That’s natural, otherwise I wouldn’t have invited you here."
Liu Xiwen suddenly became anxious. "Brother Liang, don’t believe her. She’s up to no good. We can definitely take her together."
"You can try it." The girl sneered at the smell speech and turned her hand to take out two pieces of brassy Taoist symbols and held them in her hand.
"Lead LeiFu! Impossible. How can you have a lightning guide? " Liu Xi looked at two Jin Fu with a face of disbelief, and his face suddenly turned black as if he saw a demon.
There are few high-level symbols in the field of attracting thunder and cultivating immortals. One seal has a master in the elixir period. The power of attracting thunder for nine days is comparable to that of a high-level monk in the elixir period. This kind of symbol is a master in the elixir period, and it is also quite a headache. Worse, it is just a monk in the air-entraining period.
"Don’t worry, this civil prohibition law is still good. Even if it is turned upside down inside, outsiders can’t know this, so you don’t have to worry about it. Hehe, now you can swear with blood. Although this blood oath can be cracked, surely the two Taoist friends won’t spend so much time on my daughter?" Girl a face of human and animal harm holding two Jin Fu qiao smile happily say
"Good for you!" Liu Xi took a look at the girl and took out a handle about the size of a foot from the bag. He cut a little blood into the middle finger of his left hand and dripped it out …
Then Liang Yi also didn’t care about the blood oath. He simply thought about revealing the transaction to other people and didn’t care about the blood oath.
See two people will blood oath girl face pitfalls with meteorite died and changed a pair of charming but human beings "ha ha my daughter let two Taoist blood oath is also forced by nai also please forgive me" but that being said, in the hands of two Jin Fu is still written in the hand.
Liang Yi is a little impatient. "Well, don’t dawdle. Just take something out!" Anyone who stares at it like this will feel uncomfortable.
Girl smell speech is no longer procrastinating. Her left hand keeps taking something out of the bag and piling it up in front of her. Her right hand is holding the golden charm, but she doesn’t put "sixty ice needles, twenty five Lingshi water shields, ten Lingshi Peiyuan Dan, one hundred and fifty Lingshi Peiyuan Dan, three pots of Lingshi liquid and two hundred Lingshi each pot".
"There are so many things in exchange for not so many Lingshi" Liang Yi looked at the pile of things on the table with some consternation, and suddenly some of them accepted what he had previously bought. After all, it was a blessing for Lingyun to break the clouds. Now it is his life-saving stunt, and he is naturally stingy. I don’t know that this one actually treats him like a donkey.
"There is no LingShi LingQi change into" girl no surprise.
"LingShi something I have a lot here! You these things I want to "Liu Xi suddenly interjected.
Liang Yi took a surprised look at Liu Xi, and was a little wary of this seemingly subtle scheming. What the girl took out was almost worth 2,000 Lingshi. This small air-entraining period was able to eat such financial resources in one bite. It was far from being destroyed by the palace girl.
"Don’t worry, let this Taoist friend choose before it’s your turn!" Girl seems to be some don’t like Liu Xi didn’t give him a face.
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Chapter 25 is not simple
Chapter 25 is not simple
"Hehe, who is with Brother Liang and me? If he chooses first, he chooses first!" Liu Xi embarrassed dozen ha ha.
"Well, then I’ll choose a few samples." Liang Yi smiled indifferently and pointed to the table. "I’ll take fifteen ice needles, ten water shields, fifty Zhang Peiyuan Dan and three bottles of revitalizing liquid."
"Three bottles? Don’t, big brother. You should at least leave me a bottle! " When Liu Xi heard Liang Yi’s breath, he rounded up all the spirits and immediately became anxious.
This time, the spirit fluid is a good thing for the monks in the air-entraining period. When the spirit force is exhausted, you can just take a sip and make it a horse. Even a sip of the spirit fluid can supplement a lot of spirit force for the monks in the foundation period. Imagine that even a small drop of the spirit fluid can turn the tide in a consumptive battle.
However, good things are often expensive. This time, although the spirit liquid is the lowest magic-restoring panacea in the cultivation of immortals, its refining is also extremely expensive. It takes more than ten kinds of auxiliary medicinal materials with a life span of several decades, which is not affordable for monks in the small air-entraining period, but also for brothers of big families and sects who are favored occasionally.
"Ha ha, brother, I’m sorry. I happen to be in a hurry." Liang Yi smiled and refused Liu Xi.
Girl, "It’s 925 pieces of lingshi altogether, so I’ll charge you 900 pieces."
"What do you think this is worth?" Liang Yi can’t come up with so many Lingshi to take out a Lingqi flying sword and hand it to the girl.
"Top flying sword!"
"This flying sword can almost sell 1,500 Lingshi when it is taken to Xianshi. I can’t supply you with extra Lingshi. Why don’t you choose some symbols?" The girl looked at Liang Yidao with a face of hope, and it was also reasonable for her to price 1,500 Lingshi.
Liang Yi smiled and shook his head. "I want more of these things, but friends can also exchange other things if there is no extra LingShi."
"Other things? All my valuables are here! "
"Oh, really?" Liang Yi some not letter shook his head and said, "this time the spirit liquid formula Taoist friends must have it, right? Here, make a copy of the remaining Lingshi. Just supply me after you make a deal with Mr. Liu. "
"Okay, no problem!" The girl readily answered.
In the end, Liang Yi got fifteen ice needles, ten water shields, fifty Peiyuan Dan Sanhulu revitalizing liquid, a formula of revitalizing liquid and 500 Lingshi from the girl.