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God knows Xu Shaogong’s skill, but he is not worried about saying, "Be careful, my good nephew", and then he is crazy about ghosts. "I’ll go out and see if you’re still in the hall and give you Xu brothers to prey on the array."

The ghost kept by Xu Shao’s side not far away to prevent Xu Shao from being exhausted, but to help him when he knew that this was not a tournament after all.
Then Yin Tianzheng looked at Xu Shao again. "Hey, do you really want to come by yourself?"
Xu Shaodao: "Aren’t you too?"
Yin Tianzheng said, "Good take that" and handed out a long sword to pick his right shoulder.
When Xu Shao saw the other side, it was very fast and made him a left-handed sword. When he was extremely energetic, he didn’t dare to neglect it. It was the first time that Xu Shao was either a knife or a pen in front of the sword, and he still had hands to make a sword. Of course, there are many differences between real swords.
At the moment, Xu Shao was holding a sword in his hand, and his blood was boiling all over. This was the first time that he felt the vitality brought by the sword.
Xu Shao felt that when Yin Tianzheng raised his sword to meet the enemy, he usually spoke and acted as if he were a completely different person. Generally, it seems that when a sword is waved in his hand, it will become fierce and sharp.
See Yin Tianzheng sword dance impenetrable storm to Xu Shao cover to a sword as tight as a sword, a sword faster than a sword sharp, pointing to the key have no respect at all.
Xu Shao felt that this Yin Tianzheng was fair at ordinary times, but when he killed the sword, it was simply magic. He had entered the sword, and the sword was his mind, and his mind was the sword in his own hand.
Xu Shao tried his best to resist the sweat on his forehead. Xu Shao felt that he seemed to have lost some support. His spirit seemed to be about to collapse in the fierce attack of his opponent. Xu Shao wanted to withdraw his sword and give up, but he kept telling himself in his heart that you can’t lose, let alone admit defeat, which means death and the same is true.
However, Xu Shao just doesn’t want to defeat him, and it seems that he is almost defeated.
Xu Shao’s mind has gradually turned white in Yin Tianzheng’s stormy attack. He has come without thinking about how to deal with his opponent’s moves. He feels that every move of his opponent seems likely to kill himself. Now he is consciously resisting. It is simply a struggle. He is eager for life to come again before he dies.
One side of the ghost crazy day has also seen that Xu Shao is wrong and has long wanted to insert it to help. However, it is a theory that he can’t figure out how to score in the Yin Tianzheng cloth sword net. He was also intimidated by Yin Tianzheng’s momentum.
Yin Tianzheng, like a mindless tiger, is always attacking blindly, unaware that defense may not be at all for him-constant attack is his best defense.
Now Xu Shao’s mind is as white as a basin of water, although he can’t think of anything, but in this way, he can see Yin Tianzheng’s actions very thoroughly. He sees that Yin Tianzheng’s arm is following the sword trend, and at the end of every move, it will naturally affect a move, which seems to have become a law. Yin Tianzheng’s hand is no longer dominated by his own mind, and the sword has become his whole person. This is controlled by the sword and people have become sword slaves.
Xu Shao also had such an experience as Yin Tianzheng at the moment. It was in the ghost gate’s old man’s room. When he cut the two strange weapon killers four hands, he felt that the three moves were not his own, but the "residual knife" in his hand touched him. Xu Shao knew that this was wrong. Like Yin Tianzheng, it was already possessed.
A man should not be dominated by a sword and become a slave to it. A man should take the lead and the sword should be controlled.
When Xu Shao figured this out, he couldn’t help but see the words "Forgetting what he learned makes a sword" in his mind. Xu Shao said that he couldn’t remember anything now. Isn’t that just forgetting what he learned? It suddenly occurred to him that when he shot the swordsman in his room, it wasn’t by accident or by his own fate. At that time, the swordsman didn’t know what to do if he died in his own "finger sword". Isn’t that what he was doing?
Xu Shao finally realized the meaning of those two difficult words. At this moment, Yin Tianzheng used a trick of killer. This trick is the most deadly and the most effective way to crack Yin Tianzheng in all the tricks in Yin Tianzheng. At this time, Xu Shao has almost regarded the dead as a dead person, and even the ghosts have seen it. I believe that Xu Shao is dead this time.
However, Xu Shao still came alive.
Xu Shao has also seen that Yin Tianzheng’s move of pulling out thirteen swords can’t be cracked because he is so fast that he can pull out thirteen swords in an instant, each of which covers a big hole for himself. However, one of these thirteen swords is to really hit himself, that is to say, the other twelve swords are just a sword to hide the real killer.
There is never a martial arts function in the world that has broken to Yin Tianzheng. It is even impossible to avoid this move, because no one can guess which sword is fatal, which may be the first sword or the thirteenth sword, which may be the sword on the left or the sword on the right. If you can’t guess, you can make moves and dodge. The martial arts moves are all based on the changes of opponents’ moves, and no move can knock down opponents according to their shapes unless it is not a move.
Xu Shaowu’s mastery of swordsmanship is the highest principle in martial arts, and of course his vision will be broader than others in the long run.
When Yin Tianzheng’s thirteen swords came, Xu Shao did not focus on the sword, but looked at Yin Tianzheng’s hand-the hand holding the sword
On the sword dance, no matter how many hands hold the sword, if even the hands become more like swords, then this swordsmanship is not sharp, that is messy, and that swordsmanship is broken
Yin Tianzheng has a sword in his hand that is still sharp, but Xu Shao sees that the breakthrough point of Yin Tianzheng’s sword is his left finger.
What’s not another finger? Because the thumb, index finger and middle finger are all covered in the hilt, the little finger is covered by the looming name finger, but the name finger is hidden.
When Xu Shao saw this, he thought about it in his heart and did it. After that, he did it. The sword is the master of people, and the sword is the arm of people. When people want to do something in their hearts, the sword will naturally help people do it like an arm.
Just when the only killer among Yin Tianzheng’s thirteen swords will stab Xu Shao’s body, he suddenly felt a pain in his left finger, and then he threw out his sword’s finger, which was also cut off a lot. At this moment, Xu Shaojian was in his throat.
Yin Tianzheng stared blankly at his eyes. He almost forgot the pain in his broken finger. He didn’t believe that he would lose. Since he came out to use this sword, no one can leave alive. His sword should be the enemy, and so did his master.
The Phoenix Gate Master gave four disciples a unique sword, and four of them were brothers and sisters who met other people, but he knew that even he could not escape one of the four tricks.
Yin Tianzheng couldn’t believe that even the master couldn’t do it. At present, the young man did it. He could explain himself like this, "You … you are … a sorcery."
Is the world always like this? If you don’t believe and haven’t seen anything, you should call it "virtual" and "evil" instead of reviewing your short-sighted knowledge.
Xu Shao withdrew his sword and said with a smile, "This is not witchcraft, this is real swordsmanship."
"The real swordsmanship" Yin Tianzheng repeated, then shook his head and murmured, "There are no moves. How can there be such a swordsmanship?"