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Shuttle-hopping in Zhao’s compound, everyone’s face is full of heartfelt smiles, and there is no lack of heart because of busyness.

Zhao Fu is also not thin for these people. Zhao Long personally ordered that "the second young master has a full moon, and everyone in the office, whether it is a handyman or a manager, has a number of red envelopes." Zhao Long, a city owner, won’t be stingy to personally enjoy red envelopes. Everyone got a lot of red envelopes.
Therefore, this day is a happy day for all Zhao people. Today, they can not only get red envelopes, but also enjoy a delicious food that is very luxurious for him.
It’s really beautiful to be able to relieve one’s appetite and get benefits. The source of all this is this newly born second young master, and they naturally love this second young master very much in their hearts.
In fact, this is the second most important thing, or the second young master’s performance makes them love from the heart. From the moment he was born, the second young master behaved in addition to his unusual side. Instead of crying like other children, he was obedient and reassuring.
But this is the most careless thing that really makes them feel incredible. On the tenth day after the second young master was born, he was able to speak intermittently. Although it was the most basic way to express his wishes, it also made them feel a little awe in their hearts.
This change not only shocked them, but also surprised their parents and other relatives, living in the world of monks. This kind of thing happened rarely, and there were the most famous three emperors and five emperors in ancient times. They were all able to speak in three days and walk in five days.
Compared with them, Tian Lin’s speech on the tenth day is not enough, but who are the three emperors and five emperors? What is Tian Lin? So compared with being born ten days ago, he can talk. This product is a Uber and not a person at all.
They have also thought in their hearts that "the second young master is a godsend, he must have jumped out of a stone, and he can’t have been born from the womb. Otherwise, how can we explain what is going on?" They also thought that they saw it with their own eyes when the lady gave birth.
They can think with emotion that "the master and his wife are not ordinary gentlemen and ladies are geniuses, and it is the turn of the second young master that all the essence is gathered in the second young master’s body, which creates such a Uber."
I don’t know if it was given out by that man. At that time, the news swept the whole sword spirit city like a hurricane. Now the streets and alleys of sword spirit city are discussing this second young master. The first sentence when everyone met was "Did you hear? What happened to the second young master? "
If someone didn’t say that everyone despised him, Zhao Lei and others didn’t stop it, because that’s the truth, and they were willing to let everyone know.
In Zhao Lei and others, all kinds of sounds soon filled the whole street, and all kinds of sounds were dazzling. To be precise, our Tianlin has become famous for its sword spirit city, and its influence gradually drifted out of the sword spirit city, flew to the east of the main planet and flew into the ears of those forces.
At that time, everyone knew that the Zhao family in Sword Spirit City had a genius, so the passenger flow in Sword Spirit City was much more than before, and all of them wanted to meet this fantastic genius.
Many people who came here sent obeisances to Zhao Fu. The famous Sun Lei wanted to hold a grand full moon banquet. This unexpected harvest made Zhao Lei even more concerned about this full moon wine.
Just the day before yesterday, he had already told the city that "Zhao Fu was swinging outside Zhao Fu for three days on the day of my Sun Tianlin’s full moon, regardless of wealth, gender, age, monks and mortals. Everyone can come to dinner and enjoy food and drinks. My grandson celebrates the full moon wine." Zhao Lei made a sensation in Sword Spirit City, and everyone rushed to tell him.
At one time, the crowded sword spirit city was flooded with a large number of people, and a large number of floating population poured into the sword spirit city, which brought many unstable factors and many people with ulterior motives took advantage of the chaos to come out.
In a few days, there were several fights and thefts in Sword Spirit City. Fortunately, no one was killed. However, when these things happened, Zhao Long, the Lord of the city, understood the seriousness of the matter. He did not care to complain that his father quickly transferred a large number of people to maintain public order, which not only ensured the long-term stability of Sword Spirit City, but also depended on Zhao Jiawang.
On the one hand, Zhao Long strengthens patrol manpower to maintain public order in Sword Spirit City, and secretly sends family brothers to stare at those monks who have not filed in Sword Spirit City. These monks are much more dangerous than those mortals, just in case he can.
After that, he issued another announcement: "Don’t wander in the street after twelve o’clock at night in the week of full moon in children, or you will catch hell to pay." Fortunately, Zhao Long’s quick reaction made those who are not simple-minded absolutely confused.
The camera turned around. A few hundred meters long road outside Zhao’s house was filled with tables and chairs, wine and meat. Men and women dressed in Zhao’s clothes and hats shuttled through the crowd, constantly replacing food, chewing, punching and drinking, yelling at children, crying and yelling at adults, and gathering into a dinner scene of ten thousand people.
It’s not bad to have a banquet with running water, but it’s a little less noisy than the outside, and a little more human. The price of being a courtyard person has risen several times than that of running water banquet.
Hundreds of men and women dressed in gorgeous clothes or robes are sitting at the table, chatting, thinking or drinking alone. Everyone shows different movements, but the only thing is that they are staring at the main hall casually, waiting for the protagonist to appear today.
Just when everyone was absent-minded, a commotion came to sleep, and everyone couldn’t help but look at the place with a shock of spirit. Originally, several Zhao family members moved to a table with some small objects.
Seeing this, I have some doubts in my heart. Isn’t this grasping Zhou? How come the full moon moved here? Although there are many doubts in everyone’s heart, one thing is certain, that is, the horse is about to be played, and everyone is not dreaming, and their minds are all on the upcoming protagonist.
It’s not true that they came to give gifts. This meal can sit here. This meal is all about this mysterious baby. I want to see if Tianlin is "worthy of its name."
If it’s true, we should see if it can be trafficked back to our own sect. If it’s false, it’s even for dinner. If it’s not for the purpose, who will have nothing to do? After all, they are all busy people, but they don’t have time to spend so much.
It didn’t take them long to wait. After a noise, a large number of people came out of the main hall, including Zhang Tianyi, followed by Zhao Lei and his two brothers, and then Zhao Long and others went straight to the theme and sat down.
Zhang Tianyi, who has the highest seniority, didn’t speak, but kept teasing Xiao Tianlin, Zhang Tianyi, who didn’t talk. Zhao Lei got up and gave a hand to everyone. "First of all, on behalf of Sword Spirit City Zhao Jiahuan, I would like to welcome you to attend my grandson’s full moon. Zhao Lei thanked you for your support. Zhao was very grateful."
Zhao Lei’s official courtesy greeted everyone with a false hand. Zhao Lei was still talking about something. He could see that the absent-minded eyes of all people could not keep drifting to Zhang Tianyi. He also knew that no matter how much he said, it would not attract attention, but it would make people hate it. He was also absolutely wordy.
He echoed the palm in the second mouth and said, "Today is my third full moon, and it’s also a bad time for me to invite the protagonist out, otherwise everyone will scold me behind my back, and I can’t afford it." Hearing this, everyone laughed and stared at Zhang Tianyi’s arms without disguise. Zhongtian Lin’s body is to be continued
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Chapter 20 No whereabouts (end)
Sitting in my arms, Tianlin didn’t look uneasy and anxious because of everyone’s gaze, but his eyes flashed a trace of disdain and arrogance.
Since he was born more than a month ago, he has gradually adapted to his new body and identity. He has his own unique circle in his previous life, whether he is repairing or making friends. His eyes naturally don’t look at these dirty monks, but now he has become a hot potato in everyone’s eyes and his heart is uncomfortable.
Fortunately, although Tianlin is a baby’s body, his thoughts are goods. I don’t know how long he has lived. The old monster will soon look at these eyes, close his eyes and think about the current and future events. This move will make a kind of "big man" angry, and their identity will be seen by a baby. If it is said, it will make people laugh.
Although I don’t know what the chances are that some people will believe it, this dumb loss must be settled. Can you still care about a child who just turned full moon? This is not realistic at all. How many people believe in the truth of this matter? In the end, people will say that it is not shameful for you to be such an adult to dispute with children.
This crowd is holding up their depressed hearts, putting away their colored glasses and facing up to this little one they called bean is inevitable. All of them will explore their gods to feel that all of them know Zhang Tianyi’s cold hum, and put them in a imposing manner to curb all these great people and prevent them from secretly doing mischief.
Zhang Tianyi is also a master who has been famous for many years. With him in the town, there will be no eye-catching touch on his brow. Soon everyone’s face is full of surprises and envious expressions. They all know the "real" situation of Tianlin through just detection. There is a sentence left in everyone’s mind: "Congenital Tao" He turned out to be a congenital Tao.
The innate Tao is shocking enough, and now he shows his intelligence. This is not simple. One plus one equals two. When two are combined, the chemical reaction will be much more intense. This is the achievement of the expert’s super understanding. It cannot represent his future.
Get this situation, all the people’s minds are crazy about an idea, "Get him, get him anyway, even if you pay a big price, you have to get him." People look at Tianlin’s eyes, not asking and exploring, but full of enthusiasm and desire.
What’s wrong with the fiery eyes of the Zhao family? But they don’t worry at all because he is not a vegetarian and wants to use force. If Zhao Jiafeng is not accompanied enough by Zhang Tianyi and others, I believe they will surely get the boat.
However, our protagonist Tian Lin’s little friend didn’t realize that he was still in focus, and he continued to look at these "big shots" because he was shocked at the scene and fell into silence for a while, which formed a strong contrast with the banquet across the wall.
The depressed atmosphere is heavier than all the people’s chests, just like pressing a big stone. Just when everyone is about to breathe, a childish voice rings, "Grandpa, when! Days’ are hungry "this children’s voice to eat will break the silence. Everyone vomited a long sigh and frowned and relieved a lot.
Holding the day’ Zhang Tianyi in distress situation said, "you this little guy is I’m holding you! How can you recognize your grandfather and not recognize my great-grandfather? Can’t my great-grandfather let you fill your stomach? " Said Zhang Tianyi face a little unhappy.
Zhang Tianyi’s unwitting performance at the level of Best Actor made Zhang Tianyi angry, but his hidden smile and spoil showed his heart exactly. It was not long before Zhang Tianyi complained that he didn’t care about his immature children’s tone and said indifferently, "I have pressure with you." After that, his eyes turned.
Zhang Tianyi instantly choked, saying that the words on his mouth were deeply suppressed, leaving a full face in his stomach. He couldn’t afford to be angry with this great-grandson. This little guy was incredible and talked like a wise man with commanding experience. His mouth was poisonous and he didn’t suffer. He couldn’t see that he was a baby at all.
If the childish voice hadn’t exposed his true information, I believe that no one would turn him into a baby. This conversation between grandparents and grandchildren once surprised these "big shots" and it was incredible that they grew up with their mouths and faces. This is really amazing. Today, things have gone beyond their imagination
Although surprised, the atmosphere was really eased by the two of them. Finally, someone tried to start with a first-class sect outside the East of the main planet. This sect practitioner’s main name is Shenfu Gate, and Shenfu Gate holds 10% of the market of the main planet. They make and attack the talisman with the highest quality and are among the best in the sects present.
The elders outside the gate got up and leaned down to the surrounding Zhang Tianyi, saying, "Zhang’s elder and younger generation have an unkind feeling. Please don’t know if the elder can promise to give me a heavy gift as the elder promised me. At the same time, they will always help each other with Zhao Jiayou." Before saying the request, I made a bunch of benefits.
His mind Zhang Tianyi has long been white. Instead of refusing, he looked at his mouth with great interest, smiling and gently picking as if inadvertently asking, "Oh! What the hell is going on! Actually let you pay so much, you say it. Let me hear it. Let me see what makes you willing to pay so much. "Said so much. Zhang Tianyi’s tone can’t help but aggravate many body convergence momentum, and if there is, if it locks this outside door elder.
Eye-catching people heard a little disdain, a little ridicule and a little confidence from Zhang Tianyi’s casual words, and the outside elders naturally heard it out. Although he was dissatisfied with Zhang Tianyi, the rule that whoever has the biggest fist in the monastic world is the truth will never change. Even if Zhang Tianyi seriously injured him, he may not come to Zhang Tianyi. The influence alone is not something that the outside elders can bear.