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Dust is proficient in destiny, and it can be seen that this Qinglong seems to have some connection with the East Pole.

Plus the tsing lung perfect cyan proficient in wood road faint dust seems to perceive something.
Yuan Heng looked at Qinglong thoughtfully, and suddenly his heart seemed to grasp something and feel a kind of chance.
Qinglong Qinglong …
East wood road East Pole …
Dongji and Qinglong …
"So that’s it!"
Yuan heng faint heart all speculation universe four polar Murphy … To be continued.
Chapter 116 Coordination?
"But how should this war be fought?"
The mysterious goddess has become more and more elegant since she got the title of the goddess of the Far North. She divided the picture into two parts and showed it at the same time. "What should it be now?"
"Yes, I’m afraid they can’t tell the outcome for a while now in winter, and the battlefield seems to have formed a tug-of-war and a war of attrition."
It is indeed a problem that the gods nod their heads. Although they are at the peak of heaven and earth overlooking all beings, this does not mean that they will ignore life.
God’s power is like a prison, God’s grace is like a sea god’s anger is like a deep pool!
This is said to be the way in which the gods shepherd all beings. Many deities were born from the source of heaven and earth, and they were in charge of the handle of heaven and earth to guard the order of heaven and earth, so their mind should be.
But at the same time, God loves the world!
With the healthy development of the order of heaven and earth, sometimes the gods will never hesitate to make decisions, but when it is not necessary, it is naturally impossible to treat all beings as ants and slaughter them at will.
For them, these are almost equivalent to their descendants, but they will still let them live instead of ruining them at will.
"That’s true. It must be changed."
Yuan Heng sighed, and they both had some tacit understanding and didn’t send more reinforcements in the past, otherwise it would become a total decisive battle.
Nowadays, the strength of both sides is almost the same, and it is more about their own play and their opponents’ disorder. In this case, if either side fails, there will naturally be nothing to say and give in a little.
Unfortunately, up to now, both the enemy and ourselves have played normally, and there has been no long play or serious mistakes, so we have been able to enter the tug-of-war
Yuan Heng’s mind turned and looked around for a circle, and directly fixed his eyes on Aurora. "You will get there in person to’ coordinate’ one or two!"
Coordinate what the gods have in mind.
Is it necessary to dispatch Aurora, the second person of the temples, for ordinary coordination?
Aurora can be said that even if Zulong comes, it is difficult to occupy the wind.
Yuan Heng bit an accent in the word coordination. Aurora naturally has a corner of her eye with a smile. "Yes."
Looking at the aurora body flashing also directly leave a statue of Yuan Ling incarnate in situ, go directly to the outstanding temple, and then cut away to Yuan Heng, who thoughtfully looked around for a circle.
With many members of the temple stepping into the level of pick fairy, it’s not too far away from pick fairy.
Conservative estimation estimates that this opportunity should be enough to make most members stand up to the level of pick Jin Xian by now.
Therefore, the leader of the temple naturally wants these members to plan.
What’s the plan?
Nature is going to enter the mixed yuan!
It is only a matter of time before the celestial fiend was born and entered Jin Xian. This is a juvenile stage;
And this is the symbol of adulthood in the stage of picking the gods.
In front of these realms, strictly speaking, it is not a bottleneck for the first heavenly fiend, even if he has been sleeping since the beginning of the day, he can sleep out a big god.
But it’s different when it comes to the mixed element stage.
Mixed yuan realm is a big bottleneck even for the first day fiend!
It will take several years if you just want to erase this by grinding water!
Even now, Yuanheng has stepped into the mixed gate, consuming all kinds of spiritual power, and only needs to absorb 40% of the external energy, but if you want to really break through, it will be a robbery unit if you follow the normal process!
"Secret method!"
Yuan Heng’s eyes are flashing with filar silk mans.
He needs to create a secret method that can speed up this process instead of relying on water milling.
According to the general division, the mixed-yuan realm is mixed-yuan scattered fairy, mixed-yuan fairy and mixed-yuan Jin Xian.
In his generation, the bodhi old zu Hongjun created a kind of three-corpse dharma. If you want to behead three corpses, you can find your true self and achieve your own state of mind.
And this three-corpse method can break the bottleneck and step into a higher world every time you cut a corpse, which is called the secret method!
In the end, the bodhi old zu hung-chun gathered merits and fortunes for his three disciples, so he named each stage of the Three Bodies Secret Method, so that the mixed stage could be called-
Mixed Yuan Qing territory, mixed Yuan Qing territory and mixed Yuan Tai Qing territory!
Now Yuanheng also needs to create his own mixed three realms.
According to Yuan Heng, the original thinking is that Yin and Yang enter the mixed yuan.
The heaven and earth in the wild and the earth in the wild and the heaven and the earth in the wild and the axe of the gods in the wild and the earth in the wild cut through chaos, while the heaven and the earth in the wild and the earth were clear and muddy, which led to the universe and everything in the wild and the earth.
This is a natural step into the mixed element key for witnessing Pangu Tianyuan Heng-
Friar’s whole body is mixed with Yuan, Tai Chi, Yin and Yang, and everything is alive this Sunday!
For the mixed monks, the most important thing is to be self-sufficient in their own Taoist way.
There is a saying that everything is born to support people, while everything is rewarded by man!
Such a sentence is mixed with the situation of friar Yuan.
And the cultivation of mixed yuan realm is reflected in this sentence that they want to’ report to heaven’!
Yuan Yuanheng has realized that it is not bad to create a secret method by the ladder of Yin-Yang transformation of cathode and Yang-Yang and anode.
But now he has a better way. Although Yuan Heng lost a lot because of the loss of the small world of the hidden secret, he also got a lot, such as …
Pursue God and Tao!
"Hehe, I don’t know what the effect of this basic secret method should be?"
Thought of here, Yuan Heng’s eyes flashed a smile. "And it’s really time for this" Royal Law "to come!"
This is really interesting.
Although there is only one volume of Imperial Law, it has brought a surge of inspiration and formed an important picture of the secret law in Yuan Heng’s heart.