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Han Tianlei scratched his ears and didn’t play dumb with her. "What about you?" What, you don’t understand? Then I’ll say it again, Qiao Yuwei, if you don’t have a president’s father, you will become a phoenix in one step! You’d better understand that the president can’t threaten our Korean family!

Being an elder in the Han family for decades, can you shout? It’s no wonder that you are a father without a mother! You ….. You’re just a vulgar and vulgar girl who will never be able to stand on the table. It’s not like wearing a dragon robe! Who are you showing off here? I warn you to respect your elders, my aunt and my mother! "
"You … how dare you talk to me like that?" Qiao Yuwei was suddenly guilty of being robbed by Han Tianlei for such a while, but her mouth was hard. "Han Tianlei, you are also an elder. I want to marry your uncle!"
"Ha ha ….." Han Tianlei broke into laughter. "Did I hear you right? Or are you asleep and dreaming now? Still want to marry my uncle? Has my uncle touched a finger of yours so far? "
Han Tianlei’s words provoked Su Lejun and Han Chengyun, including the servants present, to laugh. Su Le donated a pretence and urged him to say, "Don’t be outspoken, you unmarried boy. What are you talking about?"
So many attacks on Qiao Yuwei completely lost face and wished she could find a place to disappear.
"Madam …"
Section 164
Qiao Yuwei hold this burst of ridicule is preparing to leave Korea lady with Han Chengyi came in.
She just heard a commotion in the restaurant in Xuan. Although she didn’t know the whole process, Han Tianlei finally said those words. She also vaguely heard that Sun said that she had really gone too far. Mrs. Han took Qiao Yuwei and looked at Sun. "Tianlei apologizes to your third aunt!"
Han Tianlei frightened pretend doubt looked around "three aunts? Where do I come from? Where is it? Grandma, I can only apologize if you let her out, right? "
"You this child! How to speak? " Mrs. Han glared at Sun Han’s family, and now she has such a heavy saying about him. Mrs. Han really can’t bear to tell Han Tianlei that she is almost pleading with him to "apologize to Yu Wei. How can you say that about a girl?"
"hey!" Han Tianlei knew that Mrs. Han wouldn’t do anything to him, but he would do anything to him. He was not afraid to glance at Han Chengyi behind Mrs. Han and say, "I don’t think it’s necessary to apologize to her!" If you want to apologize, you can wait until she really becomes my third aunt! But that’s impossible! Because once Han Chengyi married this bitch, Han Chengyi would not be my uncle! "
Han Tianlei smacked his bangs and smacked his lips. "Hey, come back early and get ready to accompany grandma. It seems that you can’t eat again. If you want to see this woman, I will have indigestion. Grandma wants this woman to wait for me after eating. It’s really disgusting!"
Say that finish push Korea lady mercilessly gouged out Qiao Yuwei also don’t look back.
Korean lady straight after chasing the "day lei where are you going! Don’t drink when you haven’t eaten yet! " However, Han Tianlei has gone far.
Mrs. Han frowned and looked back at the messy restaurant. Her brain ached a little. How many years has it been like this at home? Mrs. Han is also dissatisfied with watching Su Lejun and Han Chengyun, and she is also dissatisfied with finding the servant Qiao Yuwei for a little thing. Why is it that she has a good family and a clean past?
She is also very stuffy and can’t eat.
Mrs. Han turned away from the restaurant in silence and went back to the room. Qiao Yuwei looked at it and quickly chased it.
"Aunt, aunt, are you angry? I didn’t mean to upset Tian Lei. I know that he always dislikes me. He likes Xue Wei to help her. It is also necessary. "Qiao Yuwei bit her lip and dropped her eyes, and there was a flash of light in her heart. The abacus was scratching.
When Mrs. Han heard Qiao Yuwei’s words, there was something in it. What did you mean that Tianlei liked Xue Wei’s help?
"What do you mean? What else do Tianlei and Xiaoxue have? " Mrs. Han’s heart is tingling with scalp.
Qiao Yuwei deliberately made a pair of awkward things and shook her head while covering her mouth. "If I didn’t say anything, aunt, just pretend you didn’t hear anything."
"I can’t make it clear. What do you mean?" Mrs. Han twisted her eyebrows and took Qiao Yuwei’s words. How could she not ask clearly?
Qiao Yuwei secretly chuckled but faltered. "Aunt, I really don’t know if I should say … that Xue Wei and Tian Lei were better than Tian Lei when they were working in the city. They were both in the design department for a while! If it weren’t for later … "
"Then what?" Mrs. Han has already had a burst of blood on her head when she heard this. Later, she was even more anxious. "Come on!"
"You also know that Xue Wei always hates me for robbing her father … and then she dumped Tianlei when she knew that Chengyi was going to marry me. She deliberately approached Chengyi to seduce Chengyi! It is to let me lose Chengyi. She knows that I love Chengyi very much and I will be crazy if I leave Chengyi. She just wants to see me collapse! "
Qiao Yuwei said that she couldn’t go, and her face was hard and her acting was first-class.
"Ah …" Korean lady suddenly hold Qiao Yuwei took a big step back and fried the pot in her head!
What is all this? To get back at my sister at seduce brother-in-law? And she’s even involved with her only baby grandson! Mrs. Han thinks carefully that Han Tianlei’s attitude towards Le Xuewei is really suspicious.
Over the years, Han Chengyi and Han Tianlei’s uncles and nephews have been bad, and they have reached the point where they can’t face each other!
Mrs. Han has always misunderstood Han Chengyi because of Han Tianlei! But the original … The crux is in Le Xuewei! It’s no wonder that from the perspective of Han Tianlei, being an uncle robbed his lover, and he naturally bears a grudge!