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Fortunately, there is no vision when a large piece of green light shines in the viewing mirror. It is said that all the monks in the foundation period of Zongmen have not violated the rules, and there is no Millennium panacea in the bag.

"Everyone is fine. Now take out the special restraining token and I’ll take it back together, and then you can leave."
The method in hand changed. The monk in Yuan Ying’s mid-term stopped hanging over his head to observe the magical power of the spirit mirror, and then put away the spirit mirror and said to the famous monks in the construction period
As the Yuan infant monk spoke, all the monks present at Zongmen Foundation Period moved almost at the same time, and took out the special restraining token in their hands with a clap of waist bag.
The power of Yuan Baby Godsworn is simply earth-shattering, and it is marginal to see that all the famous monks in Zongmen’s foundation period have taken out special forbidden tokens, and that Yuan Baby Godsworn’s big sleeve has swept away with a wave of his mighty magic.
"So powerful!"
The abyss is like the sea, and the mighty and mighty mana comes straight to the autumn. In an instant, I feel that I am being pinned down by a great pressure, and even a finger can’t move. At the same time, the forbidden token in Autumn’s hand flies out towards the monk in Yuan’s infancy.
I don’t know much about Brother Wei Nengqiu in Yuan’s infancy, but after such a time, Brother Wei Nengqiu finally has an intuitive feeling.
The monk who opened and closed the grand elixir garden to export Yuanying Mid-term may have been concerned about the fact that the monk himself tried his best to converge during the foundation period of Zongmen, but it was just that he simply swept Xiang Qiu and let Qiu suddenly make a tingle at a glance, just like being poured a pot of cold water when he was pledge.
Just now, he collected a special forbidden token, which was also a big deal. With a wave of his sleeve, there was an abyss like the sea and a majestic spread of mana, and more than 100 monks in Zongmen Foundation Period were stuck in place for a while.
"All right, let’s go!"
Put away all the special banned tokens, and the monk in the mid-term of Yuan Baby still glanced at the crowd lightly, said in a cool tone, and then his body moved into a bright light and quickly broke away.
More than 100 monks in Zongmen Foundation Period flew away behind the monk in Yuanying Mid-term, and scattered themselves to the monks waiting at the side.
Godsworn in the golden elixir period also belongs to the high-order godsworn list. However, compared with Godsworn in the Yuan infant period, there is a great gap in strength. Therefore, all godsworn in the Yuan infant period, including Huang Tian, dare not presumptuous and wait quietly aside.
Although Daling Medicine Garden is a wild medicine garden of Danling Sect, it is not necessarily completely safe in it. Every time it opens, several monks, even more than a dozen monks, will fall. Therefore, every time when the medicine garden is closed, the peaks, the sub-blocks of each pulse or the person in charge will come to see the details of the monks in the base period for the first time.
"Look, the master should be there to pick us up. Let’s go there, but the man next to him should also be a monk in the golden elixir. Do you know anyone?"
In more than one hundred, nearly two hundred monks during the foundation period of Zongmen, when they were scattered, Qiu assigned where Huang Tian was and led Hu Yong five people to go to other places. At the same time, he felt that the monk beside Huang Tian was bottomless and could not help wondering about the five people.
In the autumn, when six people walked towards the yellow sky, the other five monks also walked towards the yellow sky, but they just walked from another path.
"Master Brother, the man should be our second seat in Danfeng, and the five monks in the construction period are his brothers." Hu Yong carefully identified the monk in the construction period beside Huang Tian for a moment, and this was sure to look obscure and replied to the other five monks in Danfeng.
"Too bad it turned out to be Zeng Fei’s master. It seems that this is not easy for me, but I am not afraid that I will kill Zeng Fei. No one knows it, and with the master, it should not be his impudence."
After listening to Hu Yong’s words, the monk next to Huang Tian is the second brother in Danfeng’s autumn heart, and he immediately hitched a step and hesitated for a moment to whisper in his heart.
Autumn’s hesitation and annoyance were suppressed by his horse for a moment to restore his obedience.
Autumn six people walked very fast in a moment, and then they went to Huang Tianshen. At the same time, the first six people bent down slightly towards Huang Tianhang and respectfully shouted.
"Yeah, good."
After the autumn six-person ceremony, the body stood upright in front of the yellow day, and at the same time, the eyes of the yellow day were constantly looking at the autumn six-person. After a long time, they nodded slightly and said with satisfaction
What Huang Tian said was not a lot of words, but Qiu heard a thousand words from it and recognized Huang Tian’s six hearts for himself
This time, none of the six people in the autumn of Daling Yaoyuan fell, and even one person was injured, which was really "very good".
"What, when you entered the big elixir garden and were still in the periphery, Zeng Fei disappeared and never found it?"
While Huang Tianqiu looked at each other with a thousand words but couldn’t say them, Danfeng was on the side for the second time. The sound was so loud that Qiu’s ears roared slightly.
Being attacked by the roaring sound of Danfeng for the second time, ears tingled and ears tingled, and blood surged slightly, and Hu Yong’s five people were no exception and even more unbearable.
"What’s the matter with Master Li?"
At this time, the yellow sky was calm and gentle, and the sound blew like a spring breeze over the autumn six people, which made them feel a little annoyed and disappeared and returned to normal.
"Well, Brother Huang, my own brother Zeng Fei also entered the big elixir garden, but he didn’t come out, which may have fallen." In Huang Tian, he asked "Master Li" that his face was full of anger and convergence, but he still had a bad breath and said angrily.
"Oh, it’s really a disappointing news that your brother has fallen, but every time there are several people, even more than a dozen people, who will fall, just watch some."
According to Hu Yong, Huang Tianhe’s "Master Li" is not a harmonious group, so it is unclear whether Huang Tian’s casual comfort can be somewhat sincere at this time.
"Brother Huang listened to my brother and said that your brother Qiu was not missing. There may be some people who don’t know if I can ask him a few words" and ignored Huang Tian’s comfort. "Master Li" looked straight at Qiu Shen and said that his tone was quite bad.
"If you ask a few words, you can ask in front of me, but Qiu is my own brother, and I believe he won’t do anything that violates the rules of the door." Glancing at "Master Li", Huang Tian’s eyebrows slightly picked up and said that some were not salty or light.
There is not much fluctuation in Huang Tian’s look and tone, which has always been faint, but maintaining autumn in his tone means that everyone can hear it.
Yellow day so talk posed to maintain the autumn "master li" face more gloomy for a few minutes, but he also can’t have agreed to come.
"Autumn, I ask you, when you entered the Great elixir Garden, you twelve people acted together, right?" After the yellow-day conditions, "Master Li" did not do much to pester you and asked you directly towards Autumn.
"Not bad"
Look at the posture of "Master Li" and you will know that he must have some doubts that he had died, so the more cautious he is in his heart, the more determined he is to say less and make fewer mistakes.
"There is also the fight for Longliguo. You provoked more than 1,000 monster beasts to be chased and fled by them instead of supporting you. Is it right that the imperial sword is right behind you?"
See the first question Qiu directly agreed to "Master Li" and immediately asked a question that was quite a bit of a 56-point thrashing.
"It’s true that I was chased by more than 1000 monster beasts for fighting for Long Liguo, but I don’t know if I have the heart to pay attention to the later things when I hurried away from the imperial sword."
In "Master Li", the sharp eyes are fixed on the autumn face, but the brain is running at a high speed, and the second half of the first half of his question is shirked.
This is the way Qiu decided to deal with "Master Li". Anyway, when he killed Zeng Fei, people were present, just push the 625.