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Chapter three hundred and thirty-nine Nine fairy?

"No, it’s not fake drugs. There’s a breakthrough in strength. It seems to be a little slow. Why is it so fierce again and again? Isn’t it fatal?"
Officer fluttering feeling is normal, but before he can react more, thick strong spiritual power is tantamount to a sudden explosion in his way. Even if it is just from the peak of the seven immortals to the breakthrough of the immortals, it is not so bad. When the officer fluttering has not come to react, the strong spiritual power completely enveloped him in an extremely rapid way.
"Hey? What’s the matter, brother Guan? Is there anything wrong? Wrong novel network many words "
There is something different about Guan Piao Piao. They may not know anything because of their low strength, but Xiaotian and Lu Yun are at the same level of strength, so he feels uncomfortable, but his experience is still too little compared with Lu Yun. He can’t accurately judge what happened there, and he kept asking Lu Yun there.
Ji Xiaotian thought it over, but if the officer flutters, he must be desperate to help him in the past. When crossing the 99 fairy robbery, Ji Xiaotian clearly looked at the excitement that the officer flutters like himself. Ji Xiaotian still remembers clearly and carefully. Xiaotian doesn’t want to ignore what is wrong with the officer.
More importantly, the official fluttering elixir was delivered by Ji Xiaotian himself, which is equivalent to Ji Xiaotian. If the official fluttering here is great, even if there is a little bit of things, it is also a mistake of Ji Xiaotian. As a result, Ji Xiaotian must bear and be able to bear the level of fairy strength he now has, and it is not for nothing to give him or to be able to help him.
"Ha ha not nervous Xiaotian brothers you and brother officer are really good brothers. You were there just now, and so was Du Jie. Now it’s your turn for brother officer to break through. You are just as nervous. Tell me about you, aren’t you? Ha ha, don’t worry. It’s nothing more dangerous than this. You haven’t seen the breakthrough yet. Look here honestly. There is no problem. "
Ji Xiaotian was very nervous, but Lu Yun laughed. He was not worried at all. Of course, this is also a superficial worry. If it was not for Lu Yun’s careful inspection, I am afraid he would not be so relaxed. In the final analysis, it is because of strength and rich experience that Lu Yun is more calm than Ji Xiaotian in the face of such things.
And Lu Yun, who has a very calm mind, said that he would have come in vain. If it weren’t for the official fluttering, he might not be so nervous. To calm down a little, Xiaotian would know that he was still too nervous.
Small Tianli’s own level fairy xiu slowly explored the nature and spread the power to the officer fluttering there. It was found that there was nothing unusual about the officer fluttering as Lu Yun said, or he continued to increase his spiritual strength there to see if the speed was not too slow. The effect of Du E then was really played out to make the officer fluttering still there, and there was no suspense to increase his strength.
Whether Lu Yun, an excellent fairy, or other ordinary immortals like Na Teng, increase spiritual strength in such a simple way is blindsided. They really didn’t think that there was such a simple way to increase spiritual strength in the original world. If this method is suitable for everyone, wouldn’t it be that the world has no low hand?
This idea flashed by, and everyone still focused their attention on the official fluttering. Everyone was very curious about the official fluttering, so as to continuously improve their spiritual strength and see when it would be an end. Everyone believed that the official fluttering could not really go up all the time. There was always an end waiting for the official fluttering, and this end was where everyone was interested.
"Brother Xiaotian, tell me about Guan Laoge. Will this breakthrough reach the level of level-9 fairy peak or directly enter the level-9 fairy?"
Lu Yun and Ji Xiaotian obviously also care about this problem, especially Lu Yun, the peak of his rank fairy. It is easy to judge that the spiritual strength of the official fluttering has now surpassed the general level fairy master. If it can continue this rising speed for a short time, the official fluttering can reach the level fairy peak, and Lu Yun is not sure whether this is the breakthrough that the official fluttering can achieve at this time.
If it is just the level of fairy peak, it can only surprise Lu Yun, who is also the level of fairy peak. But if it can directly break through to the level 9 fairy, the meaning is completely different. This is equivalent to crossing a realm in the middle. Lu Yun will not hesitate to release his own strength to make a breakthrough on the spot like an official fluttering.
But now everything still needs to be certified, and an official is needed to personally certify that Lu Yun, like Ji Xiaotian, is also a very cautious person. Although he easily handed over Feiyunbao to Ji Xiaotian, it was not after many days of investigation and personal experience that Lu Yun would definitely not hand over Feiyunbao to Ji Xiaotian so easily. All this can be said that Ji Xiaotian is excellent and far meets the conditions of Lu Yun’s future Feiyunbao as a family member.
By the same token, now Ji Xiaotian has produced a large number of Du E elixirs, and the official fluttering has produced a great effect. Lu Yun is also pounding. Whether he can achieve his goal depends on the final result of the official fluttering. Now what Lu Yun has to do is wait and wait to see the official fluttering here. The final result is as follows
"Level fairy peak? Hey, hey, I think this is not a big problem. Let’s see if one step can successfully break through to the ninth grade fairy. I think the possibility is quite great! "
Now, there is nothing else to say. I guess it’s along with Lu Yun’s meaning. I’m also secretly waiting for Du E then. He has quite rich expectations. If the official is just reaching the level of fairy peak, Xiaotian and Lu Yun will not be too satisfied. Thinking about the possible huge profits, Xiaotian’s heart is also very anxious.
For a person who has experienced it personally, Ji Xiaotian can really affirm that Du E Elixir has a very good effect on both ordinary immortals and some advanced immortals, even if it takes a little more time to go through the 99 fairy robbery again to test Ji Xiaotian.
No, don’t say goodbye, that is, you can have a real foothold in the celestial world. Where there is not enough strength or huge power, it is necessary to be oppressed by others and plan Xiaotian. Naturally, Du E then doubt has been given a completely different meaning, bearing considerable hope here, and now a large part of it is in the official fluttering here.
At this time, there has been no big move, and it has been wrapped up by powerful spiritual forces layer by layer. The official fluttered and suddenly roared. Even if it is a small day, they feel dizzy, not to mention the ordinary immortals who feel that their heads are as painful as they are when they have pierced several spikes.
"What a powerful spiritual force!"
Xiaotian and Lu Yun happen to look at each other in unison, which can affect the spiritual strength of their two levels of immortals. What a huge force it is, even if the immortals at the same level are afraid, it is difficult to do this. Even if the incident suddenly happens, Xiaotian and Lu Yun have enough strength to resist it. It is impossible to do this if they are only level immortals and even level immortals.
After much deliberation, there is a result that can be said about this problem, that is, the mental strength just released by the official is far beyond the peak level of Grade 9, and it is possible to easily cause such a result. Xiaotian and Lu Yun thought about this almost at the same time, and their faces could not help showing ecstasy, because such good news came too soon, which made both of them excited.
"Nine immortals, is this the strength of nine immortals?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Lu Yun is mumbling to read up there. Although Lu Yun is one step away from the level 9 fairy, he has stepped into the level 9 fairy threshold with half a foot, but it is not really a level 9 fairy. Lu Yun and the level 9 fairy still have a big gap. Now I have seen it with my own eyes. It is very likely that it is the level 9 fairy strength. Lu Yun is definitely excited.
For Ji Xiaotian, they are still so. Those ordinary immortals in Teng have a feeling that it is impossible to touch each other because the gap between them is so great that their brains can’t imagine and experience it, and they can’t understand it at all. That is to know that the official fluttering has now become outrageous.
Chapter three hundred and forty Half a Jin Xian
Chapter three hundred and forty Half a Jin Xian
Including Ji Xiaotian and Lu Yun, at the peak of these two levels, they are not officials fluttering their opponents. If they don’t rely on Ji Xiaotian, they are sheltering in front. Perhaps it is a great problem whether these people can be oppressed by such a strong spiritual force. At the very least, no one can feel the pain in their heads as simple as it is now.
"Ouch … ouch … it hurts. How can a breakthrough be so painful?"
Here, people repeatedly guess that they are secretly judging the officer’s fluttering strength, but it is not necessarily how comfortable he is. He just holds his head and roars around there, and the powerful spiritual force spreads in all directions as he roars, completely sweeping all living things in the vicinity, including Xiaotian and Lu Yun.
Every time people hear the officer’s fluttering roar, they have a feeling that their heart is about to jump out of their throats. The more times the officer’s fluttering roar, the stronger this feeling becomes. Every time they call, the heartbeat of the people increases a lot. Naturally, the people are getting more and more uncomfortable, and some of them are weak, like the Teng brothers who simply fall on the spot.
"Brother Lu!"
Ji Xiaotian, who is in a hurry, Lu Yun is still the same as before. He has no intention to shoot, but Ji Xiaotian can’t watch the official fluttering so uncomfortable. Don’t say that the official fluttering is uncomfortable. That Teng brothers fell down, which also makes him very worried. If you don’t help Xiaotian quickly, I am afraid that there will be any big problems. If there are casualties, it will not be too bad.
Therefore, Ji Xiaotian shouted at Lu Yun. Although the redundant words were not spoken, they still meant blame. Although these words did not say anything, Ji Xiaotian clearly expressed his attitude. Ji Xiaotian is ready. If Lu Yun doesn’t agree to make moves, he will decisively help himself. At the very least, he can’t let the Teng brothers suffer any damage.
"Well, brother Xiaotian, why can’t you get impatient with such a little thing? I’ve given you the whole Feiyun Castle. Do you need to ask me for instructions about what you want to do? Really speaking, I still have to obey your orders and I’ll do whatever you want me to do. Isn’t that simple?"
Lu Yun, who is urged urgently here by Ji Xiaotian, is still in that unhurried attitude. If it is said that Ji Xiaotian is not white and things are not so bad, then he has not failed his magical calm brain. He carefully thought that the officer was fluttering there and things were impossible for him to get his hands in. Then the problem that Teng Brothers had is really nothing to do with his mind. The powerful immortal power gushed out and quickly covered all the people who rose in all immortal levels.
Sure enough, except for the Teng, they are still reluctant to insist. The rest of the people are in a coma and there is no damage. After careful reading, they should feel some pain in their minds after waking up. What sequelae should be nothing? Of course, if the plan is not timely, cover them and help them resist for a while, the consequences will be hard to say.
And the official fluttering roar is still going on, and it is one to one loud and one to one urgent. It is also at the end of the day that the official fluttering there can break through to what extent, which can be seen in this short time.
When I get to this accountant, Xiaotian will not care what happens to those people who are Teng. Anyway, they have their own immortal strength to protect these people. They can’t stand any earth damage. The most important thing is to take a look at the situation of the official fluttering and the final breakthrough. If Xiaotian and Lu Yun are going to make Du E then upgrade their strength, then the official fluttering now is a very valuable experience for them in the future.
"Oh … break it! Break it quickly!"
The official fluttered there and raised his strength. It was not too difficult to get rid of that spiritual power, but strangely, it was so difficult for the official fluttered inside, even lifting a finger, and it was even more difficult for the whole pedestrian to move. At this time, the official fluttered was really unbearable and wanted the horse to complete the breakthrough. He just bit his teeth and acted.
Officer fluttering is officer fluttering. He forbid himself to passively accept the transformation in the process of such a breakthrough. Even if such transformation is actually a very good thing for officer fluttering, he doesn’t want to wait so silly. He must take the initiative in his own hands. At the very least, he can’t be promoted by spiritual strength here without real qualitative changes.
What the face official Piao Piao has to do is to condense his spiritual strength as much as possible and break through to the ninth grade fairy. He clearly feels the future development direction of spiritual strength, that is, to solidify spiritual strength. This goal is self-evident, and spiritual strength can play too much. Now the official Piao Piao wants the horse to do this.
Powerful spiritual strength is flowing from the official body, and the stronger spiritual strength is wrapped around the body outside. The official fluttering feels that his body has suffered more than a heavy impact. For a moment, the official fluttering is so strong-willed that people almost hum with pain. You can imagine how terrible the power inside is.
But Guan Piao Piao won’t give up and can’t give up. He continues to bite his teeth and pour out all the spiritual strength in his body. He knows that once he gives up, he will lose a lot before the meeting, which is impossible for him to accept. Guan Piao Piao will continue to release his spiritual strength until the pain is gradually adapted to him. Only then can he take a long breath and really relax.
The worst time has passed, and then it is to keep this rhythm, so that the spiritual power inside your body can be continuously output and the spiritual power outside is stronger. After enough communication, it is easier for the official to do things, that is, let your spiritual power and the spiritual power generated by Du E then be completely integrated to the point where you are me and I are you.
These things may be a lot to say, but it is just a matter of seconds to do them in the official fluttering place. After they heard the official fluttering roar, they enveloped the official fluttering body. The spiritual strength soon fluctuated like stagnant water, and gradually formed ripples to make the surrounding spiritual strength spin rapidly. A terrible spiritual vortex formed around the official fluttering body, and this vortex continued to expand. The most important change occurred at this moment in the process of the official fluttering breakthrough.
It’s unbearably thick, and spiritual strength appears around Guan Piao’s body. So much spiritual strength has not been lost. After it is transformed into such a thick spiritual strength, Guan Piao knows that his spiritual strength breakthrough is just around the corner. He is in a good mood and more sure that his thoughts are normal. Continue to communicate with spiritual strength outside.
At this time, in fact, the spiritual strength inside and outside his body is gone, and the dividing line is a kind of mutual integration. The spiritual strength outside has become so viscous that the inside of the body will naturally become more and more viscous as it will not be too diluted. A comfortable and refreshing feeling finally appears in the body of the officer.
"By the way, I finally got it right. This time, it is stable at the peak of the ninth grade fairy. There is no problem."
As soon as you get this most important thing done, you will know that this time you have directly crossed the level 7 fairy peak breakthrough and reached the level 9 fairy peak, thus completing the powerful momentum, and then you will quickly shrink back and turn to the front of your eyes, where you will return to normal.
"No, the nine-level fairy is not a nine-level fairy peak officer. Brother, you are really developed this time. How can you be so developed? No, I also want to eat Du E then Xiaotian brothers. Give me the whole ten bottles and try them first to see if I can break through to the first-level Jin Xian in one fell swoop!"
Officer fluttering is that the wind and waves have rushed to the peak of the Nine-level Fairy safely, so I am not very angry when I watch Lu Yun. Why should an original seven-level Fairy suddenly be above my head? Even if this person is his own brother, Officer fluttering Lu Yun feels very uncomfortable. People who have cultivated to such a point like them have an idea of not being angry and not giving up from the bottom of their hearts, which is a belief and a kind of persistence that no one can change.
Strength or strength. Only by striving to improve strength can we continue to live and be better.
Chapter 341 Crazy breakthrough
Chapter 341 Crazy breakthrough
Therefore, Lu Yun is half joking and half serious. He asked to give Du E then to Ji Xiaotian. Although he charged Du E then more than the official fluttering, it was limited. In the end, it was still due to the identity of the face and I didn’t know that this Du E then was so magical. Now that I saw the official fluttering breakthrough, Lu Yunke would not be polite to Xiaotian again.