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Hai Tianqiong was silent for a while and said, "Five years!"

"Five … five years? Are you sure it’s five years, not 500 million? " Yang Xiao’s face expression became extremely strange?
Hai Tianqiong smiled and said slowly, "I told the boss what we had when I woke up this time, and I will no longer hide it!" In fact, I am from the celestial world! "
"Fairy world? Are you a true practitioner? " Zhang Xiaotian asked in surprise!
"boundary?" Haitianqiu sneered, "How dare a small dimension call itself the celestial world?"
"Dimensional?" Zhang Xiaotian some confused!
"that real celestial world is a world you can’t imagine! Everyone there is a fairy! I have never seen hell in this boundary, but everything here is called dimension! Because they are all in the same mortal world! " Sea sky light said
Zhang Xiaotian patted his forehead. It’s really complicated!
"You said that people in your world are all immortals?" After thinking for a while, Zhang Xiaotian had a problem.
"yes! Immortal practice is to practice the laws of heaven! There are nine laws of heaven! Everyone born in the celestial world will contain a law! Realize the law of the body and you will become immortal! This process is very simple, as fast as several years and as slow as several decades! Then practice other rules! The law of reincarnation is integrated with each other. This ascension! " Sea sky slowly said.
Zhang Xiaotian and others were dumbfounded. For them, a fairy is extremely remarkable! And everyone in the fairy world is a fairy!
"There is another kind of celestial people who are soaring from the mortal world! There will be a law in every mortal world. When the monks in the mortal world fully understand this law, that is, what you call heaven, dzogchen will be immortal! It will soar to the celestial world! " Haitianqiu continued
"You mean we can also become immortals?" Zhang Xiaotian leng a then asked.
"It is to make the laws of heaven contained in this mortal world become immortal!" Haitianqiu nodded and said for sure, "I have learned the first and second laws contained in this mortal world!" That is, the second way in the nine-way array! " Speaking of which, Haitianqiu smiled.
"The second way in the nine-way array?" They are a little confused.
"In fact, the nine-way law corresponds to nine laws of heaven respectively! After each array is trained to level 9, you will realize the law of heaven completely! You can be promoted to immortality directly without spiritual practice! " Sea sky light said with a smile
Godsworn spirit is very powerful! Zhang Xiaotian confused for a while also white is how to return a responsibility!
After a moment’s meditation, the export asked, "The law is the way of heaven and earth! Is it true that if you don’t practice the array, you will never become a fairy? "
Although there are many monks in heaven, there are few places to practice array law!
"It is too difficult to directly deduce the array method to level 9!" Haitianqiu smiled and shook his head and then said, "Monks in the mortal world can only push the law level accordingly after their strength breaks through! Nine-rank array generally needs nine-rank monks to deduce it! Of course, it is not absolute! But the exception is very rare! "
"How do you say?" Zhang Xiaotian asked.
"As the law deduction level is getting higher and higher, the data is getting bigger and bigger! Simple array deduction without reference is easy to make mistakes and wordy! It’s like giving you a pen to draw a straight line! It’s hard to draw straight without a ruler, and the longer the line drawing, the bigger the gap! Maybe you can draw back to the original point at the end of the painting! " Haitianqiu laughed
Zhang Xiaotian was silent about the sea and the sky. The metaphor is apt! He has deduced the array method. He is very white!
"and if I give you a reference, then I want the reference to be qualified, and there won’t be much difference in how long you draw! A hundred feet can easily draw a hundred meters straight line! 200 meters feet can easily draw a straight line of 200 meters! And the general reference for monks is strength! " Speaking of which, the sky and the sea are serious
"With seven order strength can easily realize the law seven! With terrace strength, you can easily realize the array level! Because your strength is a ruler! " Sea sky said flatly.
"How did my brother realize that the array was seven when he was only a fifth-order strength?" Hear this sea sky aside Yang Xiao is some not angrily said.
"I said! The general reference for monks is strength! And the boss is a special monk boss reference is the mysterious posture! Can be deduced to the array of seven! " Haitian vault shook his head and laughed
"Fortunately, the boss has a mysterious posture for reference. Otherwise, it is impossible for the boss to reach the seventh order and deduce the four-way array to the seventh!" Sea sky went on to say
"What? Didn’t you just say … "Zhang Xiaotian has some doubts.
"I mean, strength is a reference for law deduction! But also depends on what kind of strength! The law of heaven contained in this mortal world is the second kind, and the strength raised in this mortal world contains the law of heaven as well! Can this kind of strength to confirm the second array! Different reference objects get different things! Will you draw a straight line with a curve as reference and a circle with a straight line as reference? If you gain strength in this mortal world, you can deduce the second array! " Sea sky light said
So say Zhang Xiaotian white.
"You mean that I can deduce the second array now and quickly reach the fifth level?" Zhang Xiaotian woke up.
"yes! It is much faster than the boss simply deducing other formations! " Haitianqiu nodded and said with a smile
"So I have to study hard to learn the second law! Otherwise, there will be some losses! " Zhang Xiaotian nodded some excitement and said.
"Er … in fact, deduction degree is not how fast is to let the boss make less mistakes and take less detours! The more you can’t show it, the bigger it will be at the end! " Sea sky dry cough added
"How long does it take to deduce the second array to level five?" Zhang Xiaotian hesitated a export asked.
"Eldest brother qualification … should be two hundred years!" Haitianqiu scratched his head and said
"Is this degree also called fast?" Zhang Xiaotian’s excited face was gloomy at once when he heard the answer from the sky and the sea. His face showed a few black lines!
"Law deduction to level 3 but depends on understanding! Poor understanding is not necessarily promoted to the next level even if it is deduced for 10 thousand years! If the boss deduces for two hundred years, he will definitely be able to deduce the second array to the fifth level! " Hai Tianqiong quickly explained that it is not to be continued. If you want to know the funeral, please go to chapter 6 for more.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-three Dead zone
"Two hundred years!" Zhang Xiaotian thoughtfully for a moment wry smile way "now is in a period of unrest! Deducing the second array in 200 years is like asking for a dead end! Besides, you can also deduce the second array to level five? "
After thinking about it, Zhang Xiaotian went on to say, "Anyway, I have deduced the fourth way array to the seventh level, and I don’t need to deduce other ways!"
"Eldest brother! You can’t say that! " Hear Zhang Xiaotian’s words sea sky shook his head and rejected.
"why?" I was surprised to hear that Hai Tianqiong vetoed Zhang Xiaotian.
See Zhang Xiaotian face expression sea sky smiled laughed "boss should listen to me just now! Immortal practice is to realize the law of heaven in nine ways! Combine the nine laws of heaven with each other! If the boss can realize another array, I have a way to make them merge! "
"Let them merge?" Zhang Xiaotian look slightly one leng.
"well! Although it is difficult, it can be successful! " Sea sky is very sure nodded his head.
"What are the benefits of combining the two arrays?" Zhang Xiaotian hesitated a export asked.
"Law power variable bigger! And those monks can’t break it at will! " Sea sky strange smile mysterious said
"really?" Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes lit up and hurriedly said, "Then tell me the fusion method quickly!" I will definitely give it to the boss if I don’t say it! "Haitian smiled and pulled out a Pian Yu Jane from nowhere and handed it to Zhang Xiaotian.
Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes kept shining after her mind sank into the jade slips!
For a long time, Zhang Xiaotian took his mind back from the jade slips, looked at the sky and took a deep breath and asked, "Is it really so powerful after the fusion of the two arrays?" Turns out to be some trembling in the tone.
"yes! It’ s more powerful than the face! " Sea sky nodded a face of affirmation and said
"But before merging the two ways of law … we should raise the law to seven …" Zhang Xiaotian was hesitant.
"Eldest brother law deduction reference is not strength! But the mysterious posture! With that mysterious posture as a reference, the boss will definitely reach an incredible degree! Array seven? " Speaking of this, Haitianqiu disdained to laugh and then said, "If the boss deduces//it will definitely be ten years!"
"Yes!" Zhang Xiaotian woke up with a bright eye and shouted that his deduction of law relied not on strength but on posture!
Ten years ago, he still consumed it! Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, felt a strange excitement when he remembered the power of the fusion law in the jade slips!
Suddenly, Zhang Xiaotian remembered a very important question and asked without hesitation, "How long will it take to integrate the two arrays?"
Hearing Zhang Xiaotian ask this question, Hai Tianqiong raised his head slightly and said proudly, "The method of integrating the laws of heaven is the achievement method of celestial practice! No matter this fusion achievement method, our sea family is also greatly famous in the celestial world! It may be difficult for the average fairy to integrate the two laws of heaven! But for our sea home … "
"Just tell me how many years it will take!" Zhang Xiaotian’s face shows several black lines. He seems to be getting a little wordy when he wakes up again.
"Cough!" Hai Tianqiong was embarrassed and coughed a dry cough. "It is much simpler to integrate the laws of heaven without great success than to integrate the laws of heaven! The average person needs at least 100,000 years, boss, and it takes us 5,000 years! "
"Five … five thousand years?" Zhang Xiaotian’s hands trembled with jade Jane, didn’t they? "Sea sky didn’t change Zhang Xiaotian expression now. Hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s inquiry, he couldn’t help but say that there was still a little show off in his tone.
"In five thousand, I can directly cultivate immortality! Also integrate this broken array method? " Zhang Xiaotian sneer at a pie mouth and said.