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Killing the lion emperor is the demon king, which is his ultimate dream. He longs for this blood blade to drink the neck blood of the demon kings heartily.

After eating, I had a short rest. Gu Teng tied a bunch of blood blades. He decided to cross Kaman fortress at night and go straight to Golden Lion Imperial City, where he would once again set off a blood shed.
It’s been three years. Have you forgotten the bloody killing three years ago? It doesn’t matter. I’ll let you relive the nightmare. Don’t wait for me. I’ll come.
There was a surge of lofty sentiments in my chest, and Rick’s eyes shone with enthusiasm. He slowly got up and looked at the Golden Lion Imperial City.
Chapter 53 Night into Kaman
As night falls, what time does the microsatellite hang in the dark sky and the stroke is also on the moon?
The silence of the earth is vast, and there are many unknown secrets hidden in the darkness.
The tall and majestic Kaman fortress is located at the border of the wolf clan and lion clan, which is about 500 miles away from the border of the lion kingdom. It is the Dopa Pingxiong Pass that stands firmly at the entrance of the lion kingdom, and it is more like a crossing mountain in the darkness.
Here is stationed in the border region of the lion country. The first army of Wei Rong is the elite of the lion team. In the lion country, there was a saying that Kaman fortress was in the border region, and the first army of Wei Rong was worried in the lion country
Of course, the meaning of this sentence is self-evident, which means that the wolf clan is the most dangerous enemy of the lion clan. If you want to defend the wolf clan, you can worry about other ethnic groups.
However, in any case, there is absolutely no exaggeration in saying this. The edge of Dopapine is a continuous ups and downs. A passage in a natural barrier in a tall mountain area can take the lion country, and Kaman fortress is built here. It is a majestic mountain, tall and dangerous, and its preciseness really deserves to be the best.
Besides, the commander of the Tianjun Army, who is well-known for its fighting power in the border region, is not only the number one valiant soldier in the lion country, but also the backbone of the lion country. What’s more, he is loyal to the lion king Salem and loyal to the death. Is it possible to rest easy in Kaman fortress and the lion king Salem?
During the day, Kaman fortress was busy, and the defeated soldiers of the three armies in the border area were exhausted to death.
However, even then, at night, the city head of Kaman fortress is still lit with lights, and the walls are more than 30 meters high. During the day, the soldiers are still on patrol, and the precautions are extremely strict. This also fully shows that the No.1 Army of the Border Region is by no means a wave of fame, and its military training is not comparable to that of the No.3 Army of the Border Region.
Three miles in front of Kaman fortress, Rick looked at the fortress and marveled at it. I’m afraid a male pass, that is, millions of male chen qian, will be at a loss
It’s time for the war to be tight, and the city head is heavily guarded against the invasion of wolves. The guards are constantly trying to fly over Kaman fortress without being seen unless they have wings.
Besides, the wall outside the building is nearly forty meters high and seven meters thick. If you want to cross this wall without special tools, that one is a fantasy.
A lot of problems were placed in front of Rick, but instead of worrying, he stretched out and lay down, holding a knife under the enemy’s nose and sleeping. He looked like a beast with a stronger will than patience, waiting patiently for a fleeting opportunity.
He silently calculated that every time he changed his guard, he waited for the dawn to come. It was the dawn before dawn, and it was also the weakest and most slack moment for biological life. Especially, the demon family who inherited various human habits could not get rid of this laziness, and through accurate calculation, it should be the last time for the defenders to change their guard at this weakest moment. Now Rick is waiting for this opportunity to come.
As time goes by, the defenders of Chengtou have been relieved for three times in a row, and now it’s time.
Rick jumped to his feet, and his eyes were shining, but he didn’t feel half idle. He lay low and tried to get close to the ground, quietly winding away to Kaman fortress.
In less than ten minutes, he sneaked into the city wall smoothly.
Touching a wall gently, he felt relieved and continued along the left side of the wall. He had already been optimistic about the place on the left side of the wall near the mountains, where the weakest defense was, and he chose this as a breakthrough.
Sneak to the far left and look up at the tall wall. Rick takes a deep breath and slowly condenses. He slowly squats in the thigh hidden in trouser legs to detain the muscles and spurt. Great strength condenses.
Suddenly, he jumped into the sky like a chamber shell, and the terrible force made him fly away from the gravity of the earth.
This leap is simply a miracle in the history of human evolution. It went straight to a height of nearly ten meters without running up and borrowing power.
Although Rick jumped so high, it was nearly 30 meters away from Chengtou. Seeing that everything was in gravity, Rick was about to fall, but he didn’t panic. He took a knife to the wall like a flash.
A virtual shadow flashed through the blood blade and was inserted into the wall as easily as cutting into tofu, with little ringing.
Rick fell a little on his toes, but kicked at the wall and gently pulled at the blood blade. With the resilience of the blood blade, he rose to the sky again and rose to five meters.
This gun has only fallen three or five times, and Rick has already dived into the first process of the city. It makes people look pleasing without any sense of retardation. It is just a modern spider-man climbing stunt, which shows that Rick has reached an incredible limit in the past few years.
Five-finger transport power is gently put on Chengtou, and the blood blade will be put back into the scabbard. He just sticks to Chengtou, which is nearly 40 meters high, like a gecko, and tries his best to find out what is going on around him.
It seems that after a few minutes, the two soldiers were relieved, and everything was silent again. After a few minutes, they even snored slightly. It seems that the soldiers who just woke up from a deep sleep can’t resist the deep drowsiness that swept through in the early morning and then dozed off again.
There was a smile on Rick’s lips. He knew that the opportunity had finally come.
Once again, he quietly climbed up with the help of a big gray bird and slipped past the soldier in that nap.
The tiptoe didn’t stop on the ground at all. He had swept along the left side wall and slipped in the hazy night. After several vertical falls, he had flown over the outer main city wall and swept south along the undulating buildings. He never stopped at the place.
Toughness is more powerful than explosiveness, so that he can’t see any force in the vertical jump of various buildings. Where is a person? It’s just a light bird flying low.
Compared with the city defense, the city defense is relaxed, and many patrol soldiers are constantly yawning and paying attention to walking with their heads down. The patrol party may be in the distance now, expecting to go back to the barracks to sleep after dawn, and whoever has leisure time and nothing to look at the gray sky.
Breathe a long breath. Rick has jumped from the left side of the city head without blowing off dust, and he has crossed the Kaman fortress, which is known as the first male in the lion country, and went straight to the Golden Lion Imperial City.