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However, it is not very clear that Mei Qing once worshipped Zhang Shisan and learned from the bitter masters, even 6 Bing, etc. Tao Zhongwen naturally does not know much about it.

Now, seeing Zhang Shisan, this mysterious road is still on the side, but it is a wave of unrest and suffering. The Buddhist monk, who is famous for killing gods this day, has come to claim that Mei Qing is also his apprentice.
Look at this group of people behind him. Although Tao Zhongwen can’t know everything, it can be roughly seen that it is the Tiantai, Sanlun, Linji, Guanyan, the host of the parcels or the elders and others. Think again about the position of Bitter Buddha in Buddhism. What other old guys he found are fuel-efficient lamps? Now it is impossible for this situation to come again.
Zhang Shisan is still yelling, "Silly disciple, why don’t you tell the master if it weren’t for master Rencong’s knowledge that you are in trouble and brought a bunch of helpers? I don’t know where you bullied you. Now even this old bald head is alarmed. I know that the master is helping the disciples to redress their grievances, but I don’t know when we are bullying others …"
Everyone listened with a wry smile. It’s good that you don’t bully others in this posture. Oh, my God, someone dares to bully you.
Tao Zhongwen’s mind turned sharply and calculated for a moment that he already knew that the current plan had only reason to run on the other side, and all the people drove Mei Qing out to win some games.
Looking at Zhang Shisan is really not like a reasonable person. Look at the bitter master with a good-natured face, and then think about the story that the master said in a word is not in harmony with others. This reason is really not very easy to tell.
It is said that if the play is always going to sing to Tao Zhongwen and cough, two pairs of Youzi will not stop. Which real disciple of Mei Qing is arguing endlessly? Zhang Shisan and Master Ku said, "Is it a blessing that two Taoist friends are here together, or are there some common things in our school that need to be clarified?"
"Master?" Zhang Thirteen blinked at Tao Zhongwen. "You’re not the real Buddhist canon. I haven’t heard of your background."? Now that the official is big, I feel that I am not satisfied with jumping alone and want to get a Sect to show it? "
"Daoyou joking" Tao Zhongwen deadpan tunnel "Tiandaomen is a so-called law-reverting and must argue too clearly? But the Taoist master can’t. Although Zhong Wen is blunt, he can fortunately change his ambition. Although he dare not cloud his legacy, he always dare not shame it … "
"You have to …" Zhang Shisan impatiently waved and interrupted Tao Zhongwen’s words. "After talking for a long time, which sect do you really belong to? Let’s hear it, don’t say those are gone."
Tao Zhongwen was robbed by Zhang Thirteen several times, but his round face was not a trace of annoyance. He still smiled at the crowd and said, "Being original is not like being born in a noble family, but he is also honored to be a teacher under the plum blossom road flyover. It is the plum blossom gate."
Tao Zhongwen’s words were uttered and cried, which attracted a lot of comments. Half of the people present didn’t know Tao Zhongwen’s true identity. Now it is difficult and complicated to listen to his own admission that he was born in the Plum Blossom Gate.
The name Meihuamen has not appeared for more than ten years.
But all the people present are old people in the door. Most of them know the Plum Blossom Gate. First, most of these sects have accepted the challenge of Plum Blossom Gate and lost in its hands. Therefore, today, I suddenly know that Tao Zhongwen was born in Plum Blossom, and I can’t help but feel a little angry and afraid in my eyes.
There are even a few people who experienced the challenge of Plum Blossom Gate in those years. At that time, Plum Blossom Gate was easy to be untrue. Now, when it comes to it, a few people see that Tao Zhongwen’s figure and temperament really seem to be familiar, and they are angry or hateful in their hearts
"Speaking of being original in those days, the master and younger brothers were also close to the major sects … and there are still some friendships in it. You either know or don’t know, but the Heaven Gate is always a pulse, and you have to fight for it in vain. Since you Taoist friends are predestined to think that it is also an act of God to ask you to set a charter for a case-solving project in our door for many years," Tao Zhongwen said with a smile.
Mei Qing heart although know this guy is just acting, but also have to admit that the canon reality can be mixed up in the court for so many years, indeed as expected, mouth kung fu practiced a one thousand one hundred percent one hundred percent just to see him in a few simple words, it will be difficult for yourself. Even if Mei Qing wants to think about it, he can’t figure out what kind of charges he will put on his head. Will it involve the mother’s affairs in those years? Vaguely, Mei Qing had some expectations in his heart.
"Two seniors, you’ve been talking about your legacy for so long and haven’t said what it is? Now all the friends of Heaven Gate are on the spot. You might as well make it clear quickly. "On one side, Liuhang looked impatient and interrupted.
But the people present knew Liu Hang, but they hardly heard him shout Tao Zhongwen "Second Brother". They were all surprised to know that the old man was also a plum blossom man. It seemed that his tone was quite bad for Tao Zhongwen and they didn’t know what they were like.
"You may not know me, but this teacher younger brother is the master surnamed Liu. Uncle Xing thinks that we are brothers in the same family. Later, his family was unfortunately separated." Tao Zhongwen stared at Liu Xing and said, "Today, being original and wanting to tell something, I want to come to Teacher Liu in the dark. Later, I will wait for my brother to say that I naturally know whether it is true or not."
Say Tao Zhongwen will robe sleeve exhibition will be a jade plum blossom gently in the middle "plum blossom door bearing is not afraid of jokes, being original, following the teacher for years, I didn’t know it was traced back to being original, and I didn’t dare to belittle myself. The origin of Juexue in plum blossom door was unusual, but the teacher didn’t want to talk about it. Our brothers never dared to ask more questions. It is natural for us to say that it is a teacher who keeps a low profile and doesn’t want to come here. You have also heard about it."
Tao Zhongwen said this, "Most of them fell in the audience and nodded secretly in their hearts. Although the plum blossom road flyover is mysterious, one is higher than others, and the other is extremely low-key. No one can deny that he just said that his mentoring and manpower almost challenged the doors of heaven, but his defeat was kept secret everywhere, so it can be seen that no one knows it."
"It’s a teacher who wants to seek the avenue lightly, but it’s hard to know that a teacher who mixes the world like this will hate people and eventually be killed in the gangster … Every time I think about it over the years, Zhong Wen’s heart is always like a million steel knives, and it’s hard to find the clues of the enemy.
"Speaking of which, Tao Zhongwen’s face grew cold and his tone was even more hateful.
Road flyover Meihua really died? Although there are many streams in the outside world, after all, no one has ever known the real news. Now, after listening to Tao Zhongwen personally, everyone knows that it is really true
At this time, Li Daoding, a real martial artist, who has been watching Daoism on Zhang Shisan’s side, suddenly said, "I don’t know if it is true that the teacher of Daoism is about to fight that generation of Tianshi Zhang Yuchong."
Said the eyes slightly narrowed out of the corner of his eye is swept to the side of holding the wine gourd to drink Zhang Shisan.
Zhang Shisan, like a drunk without sleep, quarreled with a few silk sneer.
"If what Li Daoyou said is not wrong," Tao Zhongwen bluntly said, "When my teacher was indeed that Zhang Tianshi had a fight, it was after that fight that he died, but my teacher was much higher than that of Zhang Tianshi. It was not true that the master was slightly injured in the battle in Zhang Tianshi, but he was killed because a close person suddenly attacked him." Tao Zhongwen’s words were like throwing stones at the water to detain people’s hearts, which made them shake up to be continued.
The third volume Chapter 46 Its heart can be punished
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Sirs may wonder who the close friend of the former teacher was that these seven lungs sneaked on him. "Tao Zhongwen said that when he was excited, his voice was a bit urgent." In fact, we don’t know him very well. "
Said Tao Zhongwen eyes looked at Liuhang with a sigh, "The whole world refers to the plum blossom reality door’ six plums’, but we are the sixth brother. In fact, this is not true. Our teacher’s brother and sister are all five, but the former Buddhist Shao Yuanjie’s second and third brothers are the four brothers of this manor, Liu Shuhang’s fourth brother, Duan Jiwu’s five sisters, and the other five of us are following a follower around the master-Anu."
"It was he who killed the master, who was not a younger brother but followed him for the longest time to learn and care for him!"
Tao Zhongwen said that the confusion in the eyes of all people is even worse. According to Tao Zhongwen, this Anu is not a plum blossom real Fan Wentai, but he followed him for a long time and learned his door. But after listening to him, he said that these brothers are also very familiar with this person. What is this Anu’s identity? And he’s obviously targeting Mei Qing. What’s the point?
Liu Xing looked straight at Tao Zhongwen and said, "Second Brother, these are all secrets of our teachers. It seems necessary to speak to you in the same way, right?"
Tao Zhongwen shook his head and said, "You can’t talk to people about three things. It’s not a shameful thing. Now the master fairy has gone to the master elder brother, and Younger has also died. If we are still confined to the door, everything will be half-faced, and we will win the trust of Heaven’s friends." Today, Brother Yu is determined to present the Plum Blossom Gate in front of the Heaven Gate, and the name of the master is also recognized by our sect. "
At this time, the Wuding real person Li Daoding has once again spoken and asked, "Canon real person, you keep saying that the Anu killed your master, and you don’t know much about this Anu. I don’t know what happened in those days, but it was like the generation of Tianshi Zhang Yuchong who was killed. What’s the matter?"
Tao Zhongwen bowed his hand to Li Daoding and sighed and replied, "Wuding’s reality didn’t know that the teacher treated us brothers very harshly, so there were many things that we didn’t ask more. Later, when the master went back to the mountain for a while, my master elder brother went out to travel in the mountains just in time. By chance, our brothers met and appreciated the big brother. In this way, the master elder brother went on a pilgrimage to explain Dandao’s affairs, and I was always around my brother, which was also a boon for years."
I heard that there was disdain or vigilance in the eyes of everyone.
Monks have been in opposition to the world since ancient times, and most of them rely on the help of the world, especially the national movement. A very recent example is that in the former dynasty, Zhang Liusun used the great yuan momentum to crush the disciples in the south of the Yangtze River and put the Maoshan and Gezao sects under the Tianshi.
However, once the national transportation is damaged, it will be defeated. Therefore, those who rely on national strength are tied together by the rise and fall of the country, and God, is there an immortal dynasty? The popularity of a sect is hundreds of years shorter than that of a thousand years, which is much longer than the rise and fall of dynasties. Therefore, most of the truly famous sects will not take this big risk.
However, Zhang Liusun’s actions are often unexpected. He used great efforts to make the Tianshi school prosperous, but he founded Xuanjiao independently. At that time, Tianshi was far away in Longhu Mountain, and Xuanjiao’s founder settled in the capital as a brother. When the Yuan Dynasty was going to die, Xuanjiao would die together.
In this way, he commanded the fate of heaven and earth, but when the Yuan Dynasty perished, he brought metaphysics to the top. Li Daitao was so stiff that he went out of the door unexpectedly, and afterwards, he could lament that Zhang Liusun’s calculation was extremely meticulous and ingenious
Now listen to Tao Zhongwen tell Shao Yuanjie that he himself was born in Plum Blossom Gate, which is divided into two generations. Today, Buddhist will set the Plum Blossom Gate in the gate again. If such a thing can make people not be wary.
Tao Zhongwen continued, "Speaking of the generation of Tianshi Zhang Yuchong being original, although he was in the imperial court at that time, his contact was not much, but the elder brother often said that his practice was extremely highland, but once I was practicing to the door, so I didn’t go out for a long time until I realized that I had some harvest. At this moment, I suddenly saw the elder brother appear with an anxious look. He said that Tianshi Zhang Yu Chong was not allowed to be awarded the title of Tianshi for begging for rain, and there was a distant saying that it was difficult for him to do it behind the plum blossom reality Fan Wentai, so Zhang Yuchong was furious.
He said here to meet the people at the door.
The expression becomes calm and abnormal. It seems that I heard a familiar+|.
Mei Qing’s eyes looked at all the people, but it was not hard to see that this calm was too deliberate, and he thought of himself and others. He was afraid that Zhang Yuchong’s begging for rain would not be a problem. There were quite a few people who participated in the consultation. Although in the end, they really didn’t know who they were, but today these people were bound to be too calm when everything was less. They had no objection to Tao Zhongwen’s statement, but it was quite abnormal, which showed that they were guilty.
Thought of here, Mei Qing couldn’t help but look at Zhang Shisan. He knew that Zhang Shisan was actually born in Tianshi school. Maybe that Zhang Yuchong still didn’t know if he would refute this statement, but to his surprise, Zhang Shisan was carrying a bottle gourd and drinking it with flavor, as if he didn’t hear what Tao Zhongwen was saying.
"At that time, we were all in a hurry and didn’t know what was going on in our master’s school. For example, my brother and I were in a hurry to write a letter to the third teacher younger brother, so we set off and hurried back." Speaking of which, Tao Zhongwen kept shaking his head and had some regrets. "At that time, I thought it was a little simple. Maybe I just wanted the master to ask a white question. I didn’t expect it."
Liuhang listened to Tao Zhong’s classical Chinese, but some frowned at him and finally said nothing.