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Yu Long laughed. "It’s called double insurance, Phelps. It’s really good for me. I just want you to get along with us. We’re good for you. Don’t you want to really beat Hall and get back everything that belongs to you?"

"Big Brother!"
Phelps was depressed. "In fact, if you don’t do this, I will get along with you. You have almost sealed off all my retreat. What do you think I can do except get along with you? I have no way out. "
"You can think like this!" Yu Long said.
"Xiaoyu, you don’t believe me, do you?" At this time, Alice also appeared in front of Phelps. She smiled at Long Yu. "Or do you doubt the efficacy of Heart-eating Dan?"
"Of course not!"
Yu Long explained, "I’m afraid that if this matter is serious, I have to be careful. I hope you don’t think too much."
"hmm!" Mesjo called out and said, "What do people care if they give you the whole person? I listen to you in everything. "
Phelps’ heart was bleeding when he said this.
According to Mace, they got together last night, so the fantasy goddess in his heart was ruined and his hopes were completely dashed.
But he had to be angry.
Because the man in front of him is too powerful.
Yu Long’s strength made him feel rebellious in his heart, not to mention that he left thousands of frigates that day and hijacked him this time, which made him admire.
"Phelps, you listen to me. Now I’m going to remove the seal boundary here," Yu Long Shen said. "I’ll restrain my breath and hide it later. You should treat everything as if nothing had happened. Mace will play your woman. Remember that it’s a name. Don’t think about it. Don’t touch it or you’ll feel better."
"Oh!" Phelps nodded quickly. "You can rest assured that I will do everything you ask."
Mace also took the opportunity to command "you first mixed fleet commander in the name of cloth command to eliminate dark star domain martial law …"
Phelps heard that "this doesn’t seem to work for the time being … this is a decision made by the family Council. If I rashly withdraw it now, it will inevitably cause family dissatisfaction and perhaps arouse their suspicion."
"I think it is urgent to destroy the first mixed fleet," Phelps suggested.
"Very good!"
Yu Long took over the topic and said, "Mace, I think Phelps’ suggestion is good. Let’s wait for the dark star domain. Don’t worry. Everything should be done step by step."
"All right, I’ll listen to you!" Mace nodded his head and didn’t distinguish it.
Re-emphasized the matters needing attention several times. Yu Long lifted the seal and enchantment of this room, and then he restrained his breath and hid it in the dark.
Phelps did well. He didn’t show anything wrong. He was completely satisfied. He was so excited that the captain of the guard secretly snickered.
He knows the Lord’s mind very well
After all these years, his long-cherished wish has finally come true.
Of course, he didn’t know that it was Yu Long, not his Lord, who fucked Mace last night.
Later, Yu Long spent most of his time stealthily following Phelps and constantly grabbing the secrets of the first mixed fleet through his conscious disclosure.
At the same time, he also secretly searched for the secret army.
In the evening, Long Yu and Metz made love in Phelps’ dormitory, while Phelps was sealed with five senses, unable to speak or listen.
The more charming Metz is in Long Yulu, the more beautiful her figure is, and the curves are smooth and moving.
I don’t know if people are still working hard.
Ten days in a row, Tianlong has finished figuring out the situation of the first mixed fleet, but there is still no news for that mysterious team, so it can be seen that the Shura Star Domain family attaches great importance to the troops that can build jumping wormholes.
Three people entered the dorms of Alpes in the evening.
Yu Long didn’t say anything. Phelps hurriedly raised his hand. "Don’t seal me yet … I have something to say." He had a hard time sealing his career during this period.
"Even if you don’t, I’m going to talk to you," Yu Long said. "I hope to get the information and trends of the wormhole troops as soon as possible."
A long time later, Phelps sighed and couldn’t help but flash a wonderful smile in his eyes. His lips slightly tilted and gave a bitter smile. "It’s hard. I had a video message with my father early in the morning, but I still didn’t get a message. I have a feeling that he doesn’t seem to believe me."
Yu Long’s mind moved, "How is Hall?"
Phelps quietly looked at Yu Long in front of him and suddenly asked, "Can we assassinate Hall?"
Masicheng sat there smiling and drinking tea without saying a word.
Yu Long laughed. "So? What do you think? "
Phelps smiled at Yu Long and said, "Do you think if Gohall dies, I will be the first heir, and then I will have access to more secrets?"
Yu Long laughed. "Now it is urgent to let the first mixed fleet fall in Hall. I think I will meet him sooner or later."
Phelps smiled and shook his head, poured himself a glass of red wine and said, "Actually, we can do it together, if you still have a master like you."
Yu Long smiled and sat in the chair opposite Phelps and said, "Are you testing our strength?"
"Are you worried!" Yu Long laughed. "There are not many people like me, but there are also many."
Phelps gave him a shallow smile and said, "That’s good to follow you and my life."
Yu Long suddenly felt that this kind of conversation was really a bit chatty and difficult. When he was preparing to look at Metz, Phelps said, "Let’s work together …"
"Can you two stop talking so tired?" Meisicheng interrupted with a smile, "I feel like you’ve been talking nonsense for a long time."
Phelps smiled at Yu Long and said, "See? Your woman has a problem with it. Tell you what, I promise I will find out the news before the wormhole is completely built. "
Mace grabbed Long Yu in front of him and made fun of him. "Don’t brag. If you can’t play then, I won’t give you an antidote to heart-eating pills …"
Phelps said with a wry smile, "I’m also making up my mind."
Yu Long’s face remains the same, but he feels a little troublesome in his heart. If everything is done well, he can go deep into the Shura Star Domain family to sabotage when he wins the first mixed fleet.
If the first mixed fleet method falls, the threat to Yu is too great.
Long Yu smiled and replied, "It’s good that you have such determination."
Phelps said with a wry smile, "I’m forced, too."
"Well, you can be sealed!" Mace seems to be a little forced to wait for her to get close to Long Yudao. "You also sealed him and missed our good deeds."
Phelps heard that he was depressed. "Can I have a look? Focus on the ginseng … "
"You want to die!" Mace hummed "pervert"
Yu Long, however, stopped talking nonsense and sealed Phelps directly.