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The moon soul takes a step back and gives the door to you, then says, "Talk? I have been kicked off by you, still talking? "

Ghost night gave him a white look and said, "What a suck!"
Moon Soul shrugged his shoulders and took out the two little people from behind, "Did you hear that and didn’t deserve it?"
In the dark night, I suddenly smashed my pillow into the soul of the moon and said, "Who let you in?"
The moon soul caught the pillow and went to the ghost night. Two little people shook their hands and looked at the ghost night and smiled, "You kicked me here!" "
The two little people who snatched the moon soul in the dark night stared at the moon soul and said, "Who kicked you?"
Moon Soul knows that she is no longer angry. Get up, put the pillow on the bed, then sit behind Ghost Night, stretch out your hands around Ghost Night’s slender waist and lean against Ghost Night’s right shoulder. "You didn’t kick me, but I came in myself."
In the dark night, there was no protest against the intimate movement of the moon soul, but two little people shook their hands and laughed. "That’s more like it."
The Moon Soul laughed. "Does that make me kiss you?"
"Just one kiss!"
"I’m going to kick you!"
"Hey hey! Where else can you kick me with such a big bed? "
"You bad guy …!"
The candlelight in the room is still swaying, and the moon is still hanging in the treetops outside the window. Everything is so elegant and natural.
Watching the soul of the moon go in for such a long time, it didn’t come out. Yang Jin, Yang Zong, Huang Ting and Caixia all hid in the flowers with Huang Ting and Yang Zong.
Huang Ting sighed, "It’s still uncle Nangong. Even this way can be figured out."
Yang Zong nodded, "It would be nice if Liu Hong and I could do the same. It seems that I will ask the master for advice later."
Yang Jin stared at the two of them and didn’t good the spirit way "disgusting! Caixia, let’s go! " With that, I took Caixia away, leaving them both still worshiping and looking at the ghost room.
This world is like this, everyone has it!
I don’t know how long it took to push the soul of the moon to sit up and show its beautiful body, pouting and saying, "After all the mischief, I still hold someone so tight that I almost can’t breathe."
Moon Soul also sat up with a pair of eyes looking at Ghost Night lovingly, stroking her delicate cheeks with her hands, and her voice was hoarse. "I’m sorry, I’m afraid of losing you again."
Looking at the soul of the moon, the soul of the moon’s eyes smiled softly at night. "How can a fool? Am I not here? "
Moon Soul blames herself a little. "I … am I too poor?"
Lying in the arms of the moon soul at night, he said, "Why do you say that?"
The Moon Soul put her hands around the charming body of Ghost Night, stroking her behind her back and letting her hair hang freely on her back. "Once Yan Yan left me in front of me, I was unable to protect her. Later, you were in front of me at Gaoye Temple … I sometimes hate myself for being so weak."
After listening to the words of Moon Soul, Ghost Night stood up and looked at Moon Soul calmly and said, "Moon Soul, I want to ask you a question."
The sudden calm of the Taoist priest in the dark night surprised the moon soul for a moment, but soon smiled and said, "What do you want to know?"
Dark night thought for a moment and worded, "If I and …"
Looking at her, she didn’t continue to say, "If you and what?"
Dark night clenched his lips and his thoughts flickered in his eyes. After a while, he didn’t say anything, but jumped into the arms of the moon soul and began to cry.
The moon soul did not say anything comforting, but smiled and hugged her, shaking her body slightly, stroking and patting her back with her hands as if she were taking care of a baby.
After a while, I stopped crying and fell into his arms. "You must want to know what happened to that stone and me, right?"
Moon Soul Judo "I won’t force you. It doesn’t matter to me who you are. For me, it is a kind of saving that stone, which is even more insignificant."
I want you to know that although I can’t tell you everything, it’s good to tell you something.
The Moon Soul nods, "Well, let me solve these puzzles at night." Then he sits on the wall inside the bed first and then pulls the ghost night in his arms, ready to tell a story.
In the dark night, I leaned back in the arms of the Moon Soul and said, "Moon Soul, would you still love me if I told you I was not alone?"