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I think he will. He lost it.

Well, what if he loses it? said Monte Cristo.
Then the major replied that he had to copy a copy and it would take some time to get it.
It will be difficult, said Monte Cristo.
It’s almost impossible to do it, replied the major
I’m glad to see that you understand the value of these documents.
I think they are valuable.
Oh, Monte Cristo said to the young man’s mother
To the young man’s mother, the Italian repeated it anxiously.
Miss Marquis of Yugosenelli
Major Zhen said that he seemed to feel that there was a sudden problem in front of him. Do you still need her to testify?
No, sir, replied Monte Cristo, and hasn’t she paid off her last debt?
Alas, the Italian replied.
I know Monte Cristo said that she had been dead for ten years.
And now I’m mourning her untimely death, the major lamented, and then he took a plaid handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his right eye first and then his left eye.
What else do you want? Monte Cristo said that everyone is in born to die. Now you have to tell me dear Mr. Cavalcanti. You don’t have to tell anyone that you separated your son for fifteen years in France. This kind of story doesn’t happen very often in this part of the world. No one will believe that you sent him to a university in a certain province. Now you want him to complete his education in the Paris border. You can’t leave viareggio temporarily. You have lived there since your wife died. That’s enough.
Do you think so?
Great. So
They heard about the separation.
Ah, by the way, what can I say
A treacherous governess was bribed by his enemies.
On the part of the Gaussenelli family?
Exactly. He kidnapped the child and wanted to make the family of Fu extinct.
This makes sense because he is an independent.
Ok, now that everything has been settled, it has aroused the past. Now don’t forget it easily. You must have guessed that I have prepared an unexpected thing for you.
Is it a big deal? asked the Italian
Ah, I know that a father’s eyes are as easy to be deceived as his heart
Hey, the major said
Did someone tell you the secret or you probably guessed that he was here?
Who is here?
Your child, your son, your Andre.
I did guess that the major replied with as much air as possible. So is he here?
He came to Monte Cristo and said that when my valet came in just now, he told me that he had come.
Ah, great, great, said the major. Every time he shouted, he grabbed his shirt button
My dear sir, Monte Cristo said, I understand your feelings. You need some time to get used to yourself, but I can prepare that young man for this long-awaited meeting because I think he is as eager as you.
I can imagine that, Cavalcanti said
Well, you can have him together in a quarter of an hour.
So do you still bring him? Do you still want to bring him to see me yourself? It’s very kind of you.
No, I don’t want to intrude on your father. Let’s meet alone, but don’t be nervous, that is, you can make him well without showing you. He will come in through this door later. He is a very beautiful young man, and his skin color is very white, maybe a little too white, and his personality is very lively. You can see him later, or you can judge for yourself.
Wait a minute, the major said, you know that I have spent the 2,000 francs that Father Busoni gave me.
Of course you want money, dear Mr. Cavalcanti. Well, here’s a thousand francs in advance.