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Jin Yizheng’s glittering dancing is really attracting the attention of beautiful women (plus more will arrive soon)

The second volume The world of mortals Move Chapter one hundred and sixteen Three small mi bees fly into the flowers (plus more)
The second volume The world of mortals Move Chapter one hundred and sixteen Three small mi bees fly into the flowers (plus more)
As a result, I haven’t had breakfast yet, and Worry and Lang Yu also know that Li Weiyou’s flying golden worm is hard and beautiful for a while, but it can knock out small holes in the wall. It’s amazing that this worm has nothing to do.
She also said that she asked Li Wei to come for a few days, but Li Wei refused to say anything.
Three people also ran to his room to watch the wall hit hundreds of pits, and Lang Yu said that he didn’t believe anything, and Li Wei was pestering him to see the golden bug.
Three girls for a play.
Worry is holding his arm and calling his brother Levi in his mouth. There is no way to get two bugs out and fly for several laps. Three girls are chasing Jin Yi and Jin Er in the living room, yelling at Qin Shouyi and Lin Min.
The three people immediately complained, of course, mainly because they were worried that their brother had such a fun thing but refused to give it to them. It was not interesting enough! Even Lin said it hurts. Why don’t you give them one person to play with two worms for a few days? Don’t play with this when you are so old. Besides, it’s already November, and maybe the cold worms will freeze to death in a few days.
I can’t freeze to death when I hear Jin Yi almost fall to the North Pole!
Li Wei is thinking of giving these two worms to you three girls to follow you every day to watch you change clothes and take a shower. What am I not losing? That’s a theory, if not.
When Lin Mingang finished, he immediately said, "Don’t treat this as an ordinary bug. This is my magic weapon. How can I give it to you?"
Seeing that everyone didn’t believe it, Li Wei immediately let the insects fall to the ground and said, "I’ll give them to whoever you can step on?" Xiao Qing believed not to step on sorrow and Lang Yu, but she didn’t believe in evil and thought about stepping on death. There was still a true foot to step on, but just one person stepped on it.
Jin Er was in a daze, but Jin Yi shouted that it was unlucky to be trampled on by women. Li Wei said, "You ask me to let them trample you to death again!" Jinyi immediately shut up. If you try hard, it will stay still, and Lang Yuru will trample them to death.
Seeing that they stepped on Levi’s hand, two worms flew immediately and heard Levi say, "Go and bite a hole in that teacup for me."
I don’t know how these two insects landed on the teacup as soon as they flew, and the sound made people feel numb. Soon there were two holes in the teacup, one big and one small.
"See? Say it’s a magic weapon. You don’t believe me fighting with people outside. What can I do for their help? "Three people promised, especially with a full face of disappointment.
Look at their disappointment, Levi is a little reluctant to take out three mung bean-sized golden cicadas and inject them into his own wisp of soul force to control them to stagger and fly. These three golden cicadas are consciousness insects, unlike Zhuge Feng’s golden cicadas, which have their own souls, and can still fly freely even if people manipulate them.
And these three golden cicadas will lose their direction immediately without Li Wei’s control, which is why Li Wei sealed his own soul into the golden cicada. When fighting, these insects will attack independently, so Li Wei doesn’t have to worry about it. If he controls himself, Li Weike is not sure that he can control dozens of insects while fighting.
Land the three golden cicadas and give them to three people, one person and one person. "These magic weapons can only be enclaved if they are controlled. You don’t have enough skills to control them now. I’ll show them to you for a few days. Don’t lose them and don’t let others see them."
Heart way to let the yogi see must rob, especially can’t let the bald know.
Worry immediately ran back to the room and brought two thin necklaces to Lang Yu. Both of them hid the golden cicada with a hidden box. Xiaoqing also had such necklaces. Learn to worry about putting the golden cicada away.
Li Wei also put two handprints on the pendant respectively to make them look like aura trinkets in the eyes of practitioners.
Looking at the beautiful pendant falling into Xiaoqing along the neckline, I thought, do I want to have a look at it in conjunction with the golden cicada? Oh, come on, I’m too noble to do such a shameful thing!
Today is Saturday. Worry and Xiaoqing don’t have classes. Lang Yu still wants to help Yu Chengguang. Li Wei said that he would go with Lang Yu to see Yu Chengguang. He also wants to go with Xiaoqing.
Xiaoqing doesn’t want to talk about practicing at home. In fact, she wants to spend less time with Li Wei.
Can hold sorrow entangled her Lin Min also advised her to go out and have a meal together. Li Wei took Qin Ye without bodyguards and asked two drivers to share two cars.
Worry and don’t want to run over and ask her father to give them his extended Mercedes.
Qin Ye sat in front of the deputy seat. He shaved off the stubble that grew out these days and left the mark. He wore a black suit, black shoes and big sunglasses.
I am worried that Li Wei will also let Qin Ye pretend his mobile phone. I can’t help but say, brother, if you put an earphone on his chest and don’t wear a pistol, it will be almost the same as an American intelligence agent.
Li Wei groaned in his heart, little girl. You know what? Ten agents with guns are not enough for him to cut with one knife!
Yu Chengguang knew he was coming and waited for him at the door long ago. Li Wei saw that his face was full of excitement and his eyes were faint with blood. Everyone was thinner than when he saw him for the second time. The car held his hand and said, "Brother Yu, don’t worry. Just take your time. If you are tired, Guo Jie can’t scold me then!"
Guo Simei said at the side, "That’s his personality. He can’t wait to get a job every day. He has to stare at the night and make some plans. He also gives lectures in person. I said he doesn’t listen to you. You should help me talk about him later."
Yu Chengguang smiled and introduced Li Wei to Guo Simei’s sister Guo Sijia, a woman who said that she was Simei. She has nothing to do to help her sister this Saturday.
Li Wei also listened to Yu Chengguang before. She seems to have once thanked Ma for giving Yu Chengguang trouble and also touched Guo Simei, who was rescued by her sister.
At this time, Li Wei saw that her head was cut to the ear in a fashionable style, and her white teeth were wearing a tight-fitting low-necked thin cashmere sweater, revealing a small half-bulging, wearing a short black leather skirt, light black stockings, slender and graceful, wearing some hot makeup but as light as her sister.
This contrast makes her seem to have a different kind of temptation.
Levi gently shook her hand, but she took Levi’s hand and looked at Levi curiously and said, "Are you Master Qin? Wow, just listening to my brother-in-law, I heard that your life is amazing, and your kung fu is great. I didn’t expect you to be handsome! Hey, when will we have a competition? I won the second place in female free combat at school. "
Levi also exaggerated staring at her. "Wow, that beautiful girl is you! I know! It’s amazing that you got the second place in one fell swoop when two beautiful women participated in the competition! "
Guo Sijia was made a big blush by him and dumped Li Wei’s hand and said, "Oh, dear! You hate it. I didn’t expect Qin Shaoshao to be so poor. "I wonder if he really praised his beauty? Can’t help but squint at Levi again
Xiaoqing and Yu Chengguang and Guo Simei have seen Guo Sijia’s worries like Li Wei, but no one has seen Li Wei introduce them to them one by one. Sorrow is also a lively character. Xiaoqing is the kind of girl who can attract girls around her, although she is very beautiful, but she still has affinity. Soon she chattered with Guo Sijia and ran to one side to chat. Guo Sijia turned to Li Wei and said, "I didn’t expect your girlfriend to be so beautiful!"
Yu Chengguang showed Li Wei around a hotel, which is located at an intersection connecting the Third Ring Road and the Fourth Ring Road. The parking lot in front of the hotel is a little small. He rented one to five floors. The whole third floor is the first floor and the second floor is the lobby, four floors are ordinary bags and five floors are luxury VIP bags.
At this time, the fifth and fourth floors of Caohe have been renovated, and the whole style is simple and elegant, with some modern elements. All kinds of tableware, tables and chairs, ornaments and ornaments are ready, and the first and second floors can be renovated.
Li Wei also liked it.
On the third floor, several chefs with many years’ experience are giving lectures to more than 20 young chefs. Yu Chengguang said that these chefs all have unique cooking skills. Li Wei had previously offered 5% of the shares to encourage Yu Chengguang to discuss with his father-in-law, and also offered 5%.
Each chef will get a percentage. After the first period of work, they will compete for the position of chef according to the turnover of their cooking, and the chefs will get an extra dividend of 5% in the long run. If they can be independent in the branch, they will have more benefits in the branch in the future.
The second volume The world of mortals Chapter one hundred and seventeen People who have dinner with me
The second volume The world of mortals Chapter one hundred and seventeen People who have dinner with me
Li Wei felt very satisfied after listening to this. The so-called corporate culture should be established slowly, but the effect of a good incentive mechanism is faster and more obvious. No matter from the catering industry or from the management point of view, Yu Chengguang is absolutely in a good position, and his father-in-law helps him.
Yu Chengguang finally said that today he had arranged for Li Wei to taste the chef’s skills. Li Wei was very interested in thinking that his mother was also cold and cheerless at home at noon, so that Qin Ye and the driver could go back and take her together and give Qin Shouyi a message to let him eat here at noon.
I also thought that several friends in the dormitory promised to have dinner together. This time, I didn’t mind asking them to come together.
Ask Xiao Qing if you want to call Wen Li. Xiao Qing hasn’t spoken yet, and she has shouted "Yes! Want to call! " She knew them very well through Xiaoqing, and dragged Wen Li and them to the villa for two nights.
Wanted to think, boss Zhao and Duanmu Chengrui will also be called over. He has something to discuss with them.
Li Wei almost set up two tables, and Li Wei called Xiao Qing and Guo Simei to sit in luxury bags on the fifth floor while no one came.
Although the business is just around the corner, the hotel management has never decided that Li Wei knows that Yu Chengguang is asking him to make a decision. Although Li Wei has always said that he will not participate in everything, Yu Chengguang still hopes that he will decide this matter. In this case, he will give Yu Chengguang a decision, which will delay things.
Look at everyone coming in. Levi immediately announced that
The chairman and general manager of the catering company are all due to Cheng Guangdan, and Ye Qing is the vice chairman in name only. At the same time, he hopes that Sister Simei will resign from her original unit to help me. If possible, she will take other positions as deputy general manager and purchasing manager, so he won’t know what you leaders can do!
Everyone looked at him or Guo Sijia said, "You said these two words as soon as you called us all seriously! Cut! I am also looking forward to what inaugural speech you are going to make! "
"I didn’t play anything? Why don’t you come for a while? "
Yu Chengguang hasn’t spoken yet. Xiao Qing said, "How am I? Why don’t you take on the vice chairman yourself? I won’t do it! "
Li Wei said with a smile, "You ask Sister Simei to show you the registration information. You own 45% of the shares in this company. Who will do it?"
Sorrow said, "Sister-in-law, why don’t we change? You go to the Qin Emperor’s Regiment twice a week. I’m here twice a week. Wow, I’m looking forward to eating delicious food twice a week. My mouth is watering!"
Everyone said that Guo Sijia made an exaggerated faint expression directly.
Levi knocked on her and said, "How do you know how to eat? Not afraid of being fat! I’m here to work, not to eat, and even if I eat, I can eat at ordinary times. "
"Oh, yes! Then forget it. I can sometimes follow my father to have a meal in the class of many dissenting Confucian. "
Yu Chengguang and Guo Simei went to arrange lunch. Xiaoqing took Li Wei aside and asked why the shares were counted in her place name.
Li Wei said, "You are now a professional news broadcaster. Can you really do this?"? You know that if I don’t tell you, right? If you want to wait for Qin Shang quietly, there must always be a place to wait for him. If you are always by my side, no one will dare to touch you. But what if I am not around? Or will you leave me one day? You have to have a place to live. Although I can give you much more money than this share, you always have to do something to calm down and wait for the situation. I know that’s not what you need. Try it first. If you don’t like it, let’s change it. "
Xiaoqing didn’t say anything for a while before saying, "Thank you, Li Wei!"
"In that case, why don’t you allow me to say a few words every day that I want to talk to you?"