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Originally, the three children were from short to high. When Han Xilang walked over, he was naturally the tallest. He squatted up and couldn’t help but say, "Four squares … are full!"

"Ha ha …"
Hang Ningdai laughed and stretched out her hand to cover her face, but she couldn’t hide her smile. "Haha …"
How long has it been since she laughed so hard?
Han Xilang see her smile mood also follow better "satisfied? The signal is full … "For more exciting novels, please go to Cong Net: shuong.
"hey!" Hang Ning Dai squinted at him and smiled "childish …"
In this case, Han Xilang quietly waved to the students and the children, and they immediately withdrew. The two of them were left in the box, and the barbecue was sizzling and steaming.
Han Xilang went to Hang Ningdai and squatted down.
"You smiled … it was beautiful."
"…" Hang Ningdai endured a smile and kicked him. "Get up and barbecue!"
"Don’t look at the new fan?" Han Xilang showed a triumphant look.
"No" Hang Ningdai shook her head and smiled "Afraid of being tired of signals … haha …"
Han Xilang contentedly sat on the barbecue and soon found another problem with Ning Dai. This girl is really eating meat.
Section 755
"yeah!" Han Xilang make clicks "eat some vegetables! Eating meat alone can’t pull out shit! "
"No" Hang Ningdai frowned. "I just want to eat meat."
Han Xilang snatched the plate in front of her’ bold’ and stared at her and said, "Did you forget? When you were a child, you ate ribs for a week without vegetables, so you couldn’t pull out shit and cry with me? "
Hang Ningdai’s face turned hot. "That was … very young."
"Don’t you understand now?" Han Xilang picked up a green vegetable and handed it to her mouth to "eat"
"Oh …" Hang Ningdai darling mouth.
The two men looked at each other and smiled.
Han Xilang took advantage of the situation to hold her hand. "Ning Dai, we have come all the way since childhood. We are tied together. No matter who we meet and what happens later, it is a gust of wind, and there is nothing left. You will find that we are still together!"
"…" Hang Ningdai looked uncomfortable by him and bowed his head and wanted to draw his hand back.
But where will Han Xilang let go?
Hang Ningdai’s heart is in a panic, and her eyelashes are trembling. As at this moment, her mind is growing up. Her world is full of Han Xilang. He is her brother, but she takes care of her like a father. Her dependence on him has become a part of life.
"NingDai don’t divorce, don’t leave me … ok?"
Hang Ningdai bit her lip and couldn’t make a decision. "I … can I trust you? You … you really won’t bully me again? "
Han Xilang hold her hand tightly "NingDai I don’t want to bully you! If I hurt you because of Sun Chuchu before, you have to believe me that’s not my intention! "
"So …" Hang Ningdai opened her mouth. "Then will you mess around?"
Han Xilang in distress situation "I really didn’t …"
Long silence Han Xilang made a mistake and stared at Hang Ningdai.
Hang Ning Dai Nu Nu glared at him. "Eat meat!"
Han Xilang was puzzled. She smiled and said, "Do you want mushrooms?"
"Hmm … a little!"
Han Xilang laughed when he heard this. "Haha … OK!"
Hang Ningdai looked up at him suspiciously. "What are you laughing at?"
"Nothing, nothing!" Han Xilang hurriedly shook his head. He still didn’t want Jeannin Dai to know. Didn’t he just like Ning Dai’s simple stupidity?