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Ten thousand troops of Tianchi armored regiment entered the square one after another, and then the rainbow arch bridge disappeared.

After the armored regiment mercenaries were settled, the head of the regiment went to the camp to inquire about the situation. When he came back, his face looked a little low.
"Director Ding, what can I do for you?"
Xiao Lingyu is now a senior colonel of the armored regiment, and he is closer. He has the opportunity to ask something face to face.
"Xiao bro to tell you the truth this time we are in big trouble" Ding colonel a face of depressed tunnel.
"What’s the matter?" Xiao Lingyu asked again
"We mercenaries took a large need to defend the border for a while," Colonel Ding replied.
"Guard the border?" Xiao Lingyu is even more surprised.
"Eye-night inferno invades Yong ‘an territory, and the main city of Yong ‘an is recruiting mercenaries to resist the invasion of nightmare in Yong ‘an territory," explained Colonel Ding.
In the next two hours, Colonel Ding told Xiao Lingyu in detail that Xiao Lingyu gradually came over in vain when there was a night inferno in Yongan.
The celestial world is vast, but here the Terran Gods are not in charge, and there are many powerful and equally large races occupying the vast area.
The area occupied by the two tribes when the demon race and terran get together is the narrow sense of the divine world, that is, the divine world in the consciousness of the monks at the bottom of the divine world. In fact, the strong men of the two tribes know that the area they occupy is only a small part of the divine world, not a Ministry.
From the cultivation of the three realms of immortals and demons to the extreme soaring, the friars have all landed in the narrow sense of the gods. Many friars at the bottom of those small mountain villages believe that the gods are the narrow sense of the gods controlled by the two shemale families.
The narrow sense of the divine world is divided into several large areas by several large families of the shemale family and the shemale family. Yong ‘an is one of them, and Taian City is on the edge of Yong ‘an.
Xiao Lingyu stayed for a while before, and Hucheng belongs to Changle, which is the jurisdiction of Changle’s main city.
Yong ‘an City is the main city of Yong ‘an, which is built by the top family in the narrow sense of God, Jiang Family, and it is also the nominal owner of Yong ‘an. In fact, the monks in Yong ‘an also regard Jiang Family as a party, and they should not provoke a big force. The Jiang Family can control all the senior big cities in Yong ‘an.
The same is true of other regions, with a top family in nominal control.
Controlling a large-scale city will definitely bring incalculable benefits to those big families, but at the same time, they also need to bear some responsibilities and responsibilities. For example, if a major crisis occurs in a large-scale region, the big family must send personnel to solve it.
This night, the inferno invaded Yong ‘an, and it was the ginger family who presided over the resistance of all walks of life.
Every region in the narrow sense of God has a vast area close to the territory of other races, some close to one race and some close to multiple races. These foreign invasions will bring great losses to the narrow sense of God every time, and this loss is often borne by the big families in the narrow sense of God.
For several years, the rare contradiction between the two shemale families is that the external pressure has never stopped and is very strong.
There are many races in the broad sense of the divine world, and many of those foreign nations have stronger overall strength than the shemale and shemale families.
There are too many races in the real world, and there will naturally be constant disputes. The confrontation between the shemale and the neighboring races is a small part of those disputes.
This night, the night inferno invaded Yong ‘an, and the Jiang family was duty-bound to fight the night inferno only by the strength that the Jiang family had. Even if the night inferno was not a big race in the divine world, the Jiang family needed to lean against it.
Except for a small number of normal garrison needs, most of the city guards in large, medium and small cities have been transferred from a large area by the Jiang family. The number of large and small cities alone is also a very powerful force if these well-trained city guards are together.
Larger mercenary groups will also receive employment orders from the Jiang family, and most of them dare not refuse. Of course, the reward given by the Jiang family is also very generous
In Jiang’s own family, it is natural to train guards to be sent to the front.
Over the years, a big family like the Jiang family has worked hard for many years, and often a large-scale racial struggle will be wiped out.
Three days passed quickly.
The arched rainbow bridge once again fell from the hillside square to the foot of the mountain. Just after returning to the Ministry for three days, the armored regiment left the Ministry camp again.
More than 10,000 monks of Tianchi Armored Regiment entered the three airships again and then flew to the east of Yongan.
Xiao Lingyu is also more important about things. Seeing some ideas is also dispatched with Tianchi armored regiment.
After three days of rest, the head of Reading has reported to the Ministry for approval by the top management of the left-behind army corps. Xiao Lingyu is already the deputy head of Tianchi armored regiment. He must also act with Tianchi armored regiment. Worse, he can’t help but throw the filariasis mercenary group monks here and leave.
Welcome City is in the northwest of Yong ‘an, Tai ‘an City is also in the northwest corner of Yong ‘an, and the night inferno is just north of Yong ‘an.
Supposedly, it should not be far from the northwest corner to the northern border, but this distance actually allowed three airships to fly for more than 300 years, and there was almost no stop all the way.
From Taian City to the northern border, there are too many strong teams, and the danger along the way has already been wiped out. Tianchi Armored Group started later than other Taian City teams, and the natural journey was smoother.
Xiao Lingyu hasn’t been idle for more than 300 years. The airship where he is located is very big. He occupies a quiet room in it and arranges many prohibitions in it, and then he keeps getting himself caught in the evil spirit.
The practice of inverse metaphysics is not always continuous, and he can wake up at any time if he encounters any accident.
Three hundred years later, Xiao Lingyu reached the peak of the later period of chaos and mystery, and the last step was to advance to the seventh turn of the nine-turn chaos tactic
However, Xiao Lingyu’s realm is in the late period of chaotic tongxuan, but he has transformed all his sacred stones into chaotic divine power, which is also worthy of the late period of chaotic tongxuan
Xiao Lingyu believes that he can easily defeat the late peak monk like Guan Yiwei, but he can barely compete with the early master of the God King. If the algorithm is valuable, even if you meet the late God King, you can entangle for a while. After all, he will improve his skills and release four virtual shadow monsters with the progress of Yin and Yang mirrors.
Even in this strong cloud border, Xiao Lingyu is still unable to move the sacristy easily. Although the sacristy is not easy to be seen, if it is seen, it will definitely cause great trouble.
Now Xiao Lingyu already knows that a little sacristy is not little in the celestial world, but most of them are in the hands of the gods and the strong in the holy period, and a god emperor often has one or two sacristies, while Xiao Lingyu has three sacristies that are stronger than many magic weapons and equipment of the strong in the holy period.
Three airships of Tianchi Armored Regiment just stopped, and soon a strong man dressed in shining armor was greeted. This shining armor monk is a senior figure of Tianchi mercenaries. He was ordered by the commander’s adult to take Tianchi Armored Regiment to the place.
It didn’t stop until the friar in shining armor led the airship to turn and fly for nearly three months.
"This bog is the area where our armored regiment needs to be defended. You must be careful and always send people to patrol the alert. Once you find the enemy, don’t act without authorization. Send a message first and then look at the situation. The enemy is our mercenary silver regiment on your left and the bronze regiment on your right. You three regiments should rely on each other for support." Friar Golden confessed to Colonel Ding.
"What about our golden regiment?" Ding colonel asked curiously.
"The Golden Armor regiment is powerful, but after all, it is small in number and can’t protect much area. They are behind your three regiments, and the Golden Armor regiment will come to help you if you are in big trouble." Brother Golden Armor replied.
"Is this night inferno for real or for show?" Ding colonel asked carefully.
"This ….. I’m not sure if it’s empty, but it’s real. Who knows the actual situation of the night inferno? Anyway, everyone should just be careful. Even if the night inferno comes to the truth this time, our Tianchi mercenaries are responsible for the area and it’s not the key position for the night inferno to attack." Brother shining armor shook his head and said.
Ding colonel nodded and didn’t ask more.
"You protect yourself. I’ll go back first." Brother Shining Armor jumped away after speaking.
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? Chapter 746 Pick up a colonel when
Even in this strong cloud border, Xiao Lingyu is still unable to move the sacristy easily. Although the sacristy is not easy to be seen, if it is seen, it will definitely cause great trouble.
Now Xiao Lingyu already knows that a little sacristy is not little in the divine world, but most of it is in the period of the God Emperor and the Holy Spirit …
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